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  • Why a Central Marine Police Force is not required for Coastal Security

    Why a Central Marine Police Force is not required for Coastal Security

    Raising a Central Marine Police Force and wasting resources on their training and equipment is neither necessary nor advisable given that the country already has a central organisation to protect the coast – the Indian Coast Guard.

    June 21, 2016

    Amit asked: What are the obstacles in bringing about police reforms in India?

    G.K. Pillai replies: The state governments are the single obstacle to bringing about police reforms in the country. The state governments see the police force as a powerful arm to further their short-term interests and, therefore, have been successful in stymieing police reforms in India for over 50 years. Many in the police force have also gone along for their personal interests and also because there is no accountability.

    Post on May 24, 2014

    Creating a Diplomatic Security Force: The need to go beyond cosmetic exercises

    The government should instead aim to create a single Security Group consisting of a training establishment specializing in security issues and a number of units to meet different areas of security as per the requirement.

    February 18, 2013

    India's Unfinished Security Revolution

    India's Unfinished Security Revolution

    This paper argues that internal security reforms are crucial not only for India's own security and that of its immediate neighbourhood, but also for its rise as an Asian and world power.

    The Mumbai Attacks – Lessons to be Learnt from the Police Response

    For the Indian Police to avoid the mistakes of the past, a multi-pronged approach must be taken on a nation-wide basis to rectify shortcomings and to improve the ability of police units to respond to a Mumbai type of fidayeen attack.

    April 2009