Asian Energy Security: The Role of China and India

Ni Jiejun is with China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), Beijing.
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  • January 2008

    Economic globalisation, coupled with geopolitical instability and international terrorism, has made it impossible for any single country to secure its energy supply entirely on its own. The urgent energy security issue has resulted in brisk energy diplomacy with aspirations for cooperation running high among both producing and consuming countries. The concept of energy security needs to be expanded, however, because the real risks are not 'below ground' (a lack of resources) but 'above ground' (political instability). We need a new energy security concept to ensure global energy security. India and China can take the lead by finding ways to cooperate on energy rather than taking adversarial positions. The article reasons that with clearer identification of shared interests, China and India together can help strengthen Asian unity, stability and prosperity and thus significantly contribute to the world order.