We Don’t Know Defeat

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  • November 2021
    From the Archives

    “At first, I remember the students, the labourers, the peasants, the intellectuals, the soldiers, the police, the people, the Hindus and the Muslims of my Bangladesh who were killed. I, wishing for their souls and paying tribute to them, would like to say a few words to you.

    Now, my Bangladesh is independent, my life’s desire has been fulfilled, and the people of my Bengal have been liberated. My Bengal will remain free. I will not be able to deliver a speech today. The sons of Bengal, the mothers of Bengal, the peasants of Bengal, the labourers of Bengal, the intellectuals of Bengal have struggled. I was imprisoned, and ready to head to the gallows. But I knew, they could never suppress my Bangalees; the people of my Bengal would be liberated. I pay tribute to those of my brothers who made the supreme sacrifice, and suffered martyrdom. I salute them, and ask forgiveness for their souls.