Expanding Role of PLAAF in China’s National Security Strategy

Air Marshal Diptendu Choudhury is an experienced fighter pilot with vast experience in Air Operations at all levels. He is a postgraduate from Kings College, London in International Security and Strategy, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Air Power.
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  • November 2020

    China’s great power ambition and actions have been fuelled by its spectacular economic growth and military modernization. The need to sustain the economy and energy flow makes the East and South China seas vital to it. Its vulnerabilities also lie on its seaboard. To dominate the maritime spaces, it needs to own the contiguous airspace as well. The prescient Chinese leadership has transformed its Air Force into a strategic instrument of power, to protect its economic lifelines, geo-political interests and regional dominance. An analysis of the PLAAF’s transformation and its employment philosophy provides insights into how it has leveraged airpower for furthering its strategic interests.