Power Politics: How China and Russia Reshape the World by Rob de Wijk

Ambassador P. Stobdan was Senior Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detail profile.
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  • November 2016
    Book Review

    A lot of literature has appeared in recent years on how Russia and China have come to present a common challenge to the US-led world order. But the author of the book Power Politics: How China and Russia Reshape the World, Rob de Wijk, has propounded a different theory to prove a case rather in an ominous way that the old-style power politics has never gone away from the global scene even after the end of the Cold War. The book offers a detailed analysis of how Putin’s annexation of the Crimea and China’s expansionist claim to large parts of the South China Sea are strong indicators of how the position of the West is fast weakening.