South Asia in Transition: Democracy, Political Economy and Security by Bhumitra Chakma (ed.)

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  • May 2016
    Book Review

    Change is a constant, multifaceted and universal phenomenon which has been experienced at every stage of history. Change becomes transformative when it starts altering the basic nature of a system, heralding a new era. This has happened to the political maps of the world, bringing in societal and inter-state relationships. South Asia is no exception to this rule. It has witnessed many cartographic political changes over the centuries resulting in changes in culture, economy, governmental practices and inter-state relations. The present volume under review talks about the changing dynamics in the South Asian region in recent times especially after the Cold War. A collection of 11 eminent essays in their respective ways delve deeper for a rigorous enquiry of the democratic, political-economy and security transformation in South Asia. An introductory chapter by the editor presents the framework of the study.