Cyber: Also a Domain of War and Terror

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  • January 2015

    India, the IT nation, did not make a news splash at CyberTech 2014. That is worth a passing thought. Because cyber is the fifth and new domain of warfare, after land, sea, air and space.

    CyberTech 2014 took place in Tel Aviv in January, and displayed Israel’s prowess in cyber-defence. Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, which played a major role in organising the event, defines its goals as drawing up cyber-defence policies, developing cybersecurity legislation and turning Israel into a global cyber incubator. The Israelis say that as hackers keep getting more sophisticated, the brightest digital security minds from around the world will need to come together. And CyberTech 2014 did do that, bringing together some 500 heads of industry, representatives of cybersecurity agencies from across the world, as well as a large US delegation from the White House and their Department of Homeland Security. Many agreed that Israel’s experience in foiling thousands of cyber-attacks each day and the quality of their cyber start-ups could be very lucrative for business within and outside its borders.