Pakistan Urdu Press: October 19-25, 2009
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  • Jang Urdu daily, Editorial, October 20, 2009

    Zahedan Suicide attack: an act of Pakistan and Iran’s enemies: Jang

    Commenting on the recent diplomatic spat between Pakistan and Iran following an attack in the Iranian city of Zahedan allegedly by Jandullah in which 50 people including Pasdarane Inqalab’s seven senior commanders were killed, the Jang Urdu daily in its editorial says that the “Iranian leadership’ allegation against Pakistan and statements regarding presence of Jundullah’s leadership in Pakistan is just an emotional outburst with no valid evidence.” The editorial notes that Iran enjoys deeper diplomatic, economic, religious and cultural relations with Pakistan and harmonized its position in almost all regional and international organizations on world affairs including Kashmir and says that “seen in this context, the matter needs no explanation that anti-Pakistan elements especially Israel and India and their leaders are hell bent on destroying friendly relations between the two countries.” The paper however, also suggests both countries understand the complex factors at work. It suggests that they jointly deal with the issue. The paper suggests that the Pakistani leadership “immediately call a meeting with senior security officials of brotherly Iran, beef up security at the borders, and increase the number of check posts.”

    “Our enemies have pushed us in Afghanistan and turned our brotherly relations into enmity and confrontation. Now they are active in opening up a new front in Iran…Therefore, it is our request to the government of Pakistan to take the Iranian government into confidence to evolve a strategy to deal with the issue otherwise a new front will open up posing a greater challenge to Pakistan’s peace and security,” opines the paper.

    Ummat Urdu daily, Editorial, October 20, 2009

    US is behind Zahedan suicide attack, blames Ummat daily

    Analysing the recent diplomatic stand off between Iran and Pakistan following the Zahedan suicide attack, the Ummat Urdu daily in its editorial says that “some elements among the groups who have launched the movement for the liberation of Balochistan want to establish an Independent country or a ‘greater Balochistan’ consisting of some of Iranian territory. As a result, both Iran and Pakistan face separatism and they should deal with the issue jointly and should not create fissures in their relations.”

    Pointing towards a possible US involvement in the Zahedan attack, the editorial says that the US is opposed to the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, part of which will run through Balochistan. Seen in this context, it is likely that Washington may be behind the attack. The paper says that despite enmity with Iran, the US is trying to develop relations with Iran to seek its support in Afghanistan but also trying to destroy its friendly relations with Pakistan by executing these attacks, suspicions of which falls on Pakistan.

    The editorial notes that the allegation of Pakistan’s involvement by President Ahmadinejad suggests that the Iranian government gives little importance to Pakistan today. If this is true, then Pakistan should try to know the reasons. In addition to India’s enmity and the US’s activity in Afghanistan, if cordial relations with Iran are not maintained, it will create challenges for Pakistan, says the daily.

    Ausaf, Editorial, October 23, 2009

    For the sake of country’s defence, we need to fight on all fronts: Ausaf

    If any country which has benefited from the war on terrorism, it is India. It has made all the effort to push Pakistan to the walls in the name of the war on terrorism. Using the war on terror as a pretext, it completed fencing along the line of control during the Musharraf regime. It was successful in weakening the Mujahideen in Kashmir and hit the freedom movement hard in Kashmir, says Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial.

    The daily says that there has been an upsurge in suicide attacks in Pakistan, but it is India which is screaming. It has increased the number of troops deployed at the border and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has gone on record saying that there are chances of an attack on India.

    The paper in this context says that India should be reminded that any kind of adventurism would be given a befitting reply. Refuting claims of Indian intelligence of a possible attack, the paper says that “we can say with confidence that there is no planned attack against India and it is lying.” It says that deployment of troops at the LOC is aimed at attacking Pakistan in case the situation deteriorates inside Pakistani territory. India can execute terrorist attacks on its soil as a reason for attacking Pakistan. Therefore Pakistani troops should be kept on high alert on LOC and working boundary, and if India undertakes any adventure it should be taught lesson, advises the editorial.

    Also warning Iran over its announcement that it will conduct search operation in Balochistan in the wake of Jundullah’s attack in Sistan, the editorial says that Iran should be told clearly that Pakistan will launch search operations in Balochistan on its own. The editorial suggests Pakistan should make it clear to all its enemies that if they do not desist from anti-Pakistan actions, it will also use all means necessary to enhance its security.