Pakistan Urdu Press: October 12-18, 2009
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  • Khabrein, editorial, October 13, 2009
    GHQ attack; Launch military operation against the terrorist immediately: Khabrein
    ‘By attacking GHQ in Rawalpindi, the terrorists have invited their own death prematurely’, says Khabrein Urdu daily in its editorial. The daily says that the GHQ is a high value target and an audacious attack on such buildings should be taken seriously. The modus operandi of the attack indicated that they were highly trained. Supporting the need for a military operation in South Waziristan, the daily says that some people were opposing a possible military operation in South Waziristan, but following the attack on the GHQ, this operation was unavoidable. The paper says that if the terrorists can attack GHQ, they can attack anywhere in Pakistan. So it is necessary that to stop other similar attacks in any part of the country, army operations should be launched immediately. The paper also says that, apart from a military operation against the terrorists, it should also try to trace the mentors of these terrorists and their source of funding.

    Mashriq, editorial, October 13, 2009
    Peshawar blast; Declare Peshawar war infested zone: Mashriq
    Reacting to the civil administration’s ineptness to control terrorist attacks in Peshawar the Mashriq Urdu daily in its editorial says that “after every attack the government makes statements that they will not bow down before the terrorists and will defeat them”. The paper demands the government should explain what measures it has taken to defeat the terrorists. As far as the Swat operation is concerned, the success there has been achieved because of the military’s strength and capabilities. The paper says that this was the 11th attack in Peshawar during the last one year. Peshawar’s situation is nothing less than a war infested zone. The people in the city are facing similar difficulties that people face in a war zone. The paper demands that the government declare Peshawar a war ravaged zone and provide the similar facilities to its inhabitants as is provided in war zone.

    Ausaf , Editorial, October 14, 2009
    Stop horse trading in Assembly, Ausaf advises POK MLAs
    Commenting on the no confidence motion presented in POK assembly against Chief Minister Yaqoob Khan, the Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial says that “the no confidence motion against the Chief Minister of Azad Kashmir (POK) has created a furore at the political level on the one hand while it has created a sense of despair among people on the other hand.” The editorial says that the “Base Camp of Kashmir’s freedom movement has become a mockery and the MLAs there have deviated from their goal and have been playing games in their personal interest by entering horse trading. None of the MLAs takes interest in public work forgetting their responsibilities”. The newspaper criticizes them and asks “whether the people of Azad Kashmir (POK) elected them and sent them to the assembly from and pull down the governments, to wear stylish cloths and roam around in Land Cruisers and live a luxurious life?”  The paper advises that the MLAs stop the “shameful act” of pulling the government down and fulfill the mandate given to them by the people.

    Azkar, Editorial, October 16, 2009
    Pakistanis will face many more attacks, if terrorism is not eliminated: Azkar
    In a bold analysis on the ongoing wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the Azkar daily says that “there is no doubt that the attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi was a failure of intelligence agencies and even after the attack had they fulfilled their responsibilities, other attacks could have been averted”. The paper says that if a flush out operation against terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism is not carried out, there could be many more attacks in the country.
    Counting the statistics, the paper says that “the largest intelligence agency of the country has more than 300,000 personnel and plenty of resources, but instead of focusing on their job have been spying on political leaders, lawyers and the media.”  As regards to the police, the paper says that “the main work of the police today is to extend protocol to ministers and thus they have fallen short in numbers to provide security to the people or enforce law properly.”
    The paper says that “we understand that to eliminate terrorism, we still have time but we have to understand its root causes in addition to launching a flush out operation against them. The paper advises that the government should fulfill its promises of providing “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” (food cloths and shelter) which is linked to systemic failure in Pakistan. The paper also warns that “if the government does not pay attention to these issues they would have to face bigger incidents”.

    Khabrein , Editorial, October 16, 2009
    Adopt   multi-faceted strategy to deal with terrorism: Khabrein
    The Khabrein daily on the other hand has urged government to adopt a multi-pronged strategy to deal with the recent wave of terrorism. The paper in its editorial says that “to achieve success against terrorism and to secure its institutions from further terrorist attacks, Pakistan should evolve a multi-pronged strategy. We may face similar attacks if we continue issuing ‘four days’ condemning the attacks and then continue forgetting the incident”

    Ausaf, editorial, October 17, 2009
    A new chapter in Sino-Pak relations can begin if……. Ausaf
    Against the backdrop of Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani’s China visit, the Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial analyzes geo-strategic importance of the country for its friendly neighbour. The daily says that the “Prime Minister has visited China at a critical moment when the country is reeling under an intense wave of terrorism. Though China has given an assurance in this regard, the mood of Chinese leaders was conveying that China will not be able to openly support Pakistan until it reviews its policy vis a vis ‘War on terrorism’.” The editorial notes that “China is concerned about rapidly changing the situation within Pakistan and they are also worried that because of US pressure Pakistan is entering a quagmire. China wants to pull Pakistan out of the quandary but they will openly support Pakistan when it changes its pro-US policies.
    Because of its geo-strategic location, Pakistan is very important for China, opines the daily. It says that “China knows that if the US stays in Pakistan for a longer period, it will pose a serious challenge. The US can become a possible hurdle for China in achieving its goal to become a superpower. Seen in this regard, Pakistan is an important defence line for China.” The paper further opines that China is also watching the India-US alliance and if India-US relations strengthen further it will lead to a confrontation between India and China. In this context, Pakistan’s importance for China will increase further.
    Referring to Chinese reaction to Indian Prime Minister’s Arunachal Pradesh visit, the paper opines that a Cold War like situation has already started between China and India. It says that “in our opinion an unseen Cold War has started between India and China. The Indian Prime Minister visited Arunachal Pradesh, which is a disputed territory. China raised objections but the Indians could not give a satisfactory explanation and instead asked China why it is undertaking developmental projects in Azad Kashmir?”
    The daily, sketching these scenarios, suggests that “since the US with the help of India wants to initiate a ‘great game’ in the region, Pakistan should distance itself from the US. China would certainly want a guarantee (from Pakistan) and that Pakistan will not only firmly stand against India but will also resist America which is gradually fixing its claws (on Pakistani territory)”.
    China also wants to see the Pakistani leadership overcome its fear of the US and if they live up to its expectations, then it will help Pakistan become sovereign in every field including agriculture and power unlike the US which wants to cripple us with its aid and loans, adds the Ausaf daily. It suggests the military leadership “should give up this thinking that if they dare the US against its intervention then they will have to deal with the civilian leadership against the military.” The daily says that “because of this lack of trust between the two leaderships, we have become a puppet in the hands of the US, despite the fact that America dislikes both of them.” The daily hopes that China will show its interest when it convinces itself that all the empowered institutions in Pakistan have reached a position where they will distance themselves from the US and urges the Pakistani leadership to bring about a consensus to get rid of the US.