Pakistan Urdu Press: June 8-14, 2009
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  • Nawae Waqt, Editorial, June 8, 2009
    1. Keep pushing demand for a civil nuclear deal with the US
    The Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial (June 8, 2009) opines that Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani’s demand for a civil nuclear deal with the US, is a genuine one and is a ‘national need’ of the time. The US nuclear deal with India is not only discriminates against Pakistan but aimed at establishing India’s supremacy and hegemony in the region. By signing the deal with India, the US wants to counterbalance China and weaken Pakistan.
    The newspaper, however, warns that Pakistan should not give up its nuclear and missile programmes in exchange for a nuclear deal. This agreement should be unconditional and should be in the interest of Pakistan.

    The Express, opinion column, June 8, 2009
    2. The nexus between the Taliban and Pakistani administration in Swat
    In an opinion column in The Express, Urdu daily, (June 8, 2009) Columnist Tausif Ahmad Khan makes a startling revelation about the nexus between the Taliban and Pakistani administration in Swat. Quoting a senior journalist Zahid Hussain, he says that three weeks before the recent operation in Swat, Taliban commanders, against whom there is a bounty of crores of rupees, were resting in the Commissioner’s residence in Mingora and Syed Mohammad Jawed, Commissioner Malakand division was hosting dinners in their honour. The journalist had detailed discussions with Taliban leaders such as Muslim Khan, Serajuddin and Mahmood Khan who are charged with involvement in the killings of innocent people.
    ( accessed on June 8,2009)

    Nawae Waqt, Editorial June 9, 2009
    3. RAW’s crimes
    The Nawa-e-Waqt Daily in its editorial (June 9, 2009) says that an initial report about the suicide bombings in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Rawalpindi, indicate the involvement of neighbouring countries. The report has been sent to the federal and provincial government. The editorial quotes the report as saying that after the Mumbai attack RAW has expedited its activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan through the Indian Consulates. According to the daily the report says that RAW has been involved in recent incidents in four cities.
    The daily opines that former President Musharraf’s statement, in which he said that the RAW is intervening in Swat and Balochistan validates the point. The arrested terrorists have confessed that they were trained in Afghanistan and were paid.

    4. No need of US mediation on Kashmir
    The Urdu Daily, Nawa-e-Waqt in its editorial (June 9, 2009) opines that there is no need for US mediation on Kashmir issue; rather it should be resolved according to UN resolutions. The newspaper notes that since the UN resolutions on Kashmir remain valid and effective, there is no need for US facilitation. The Daily suggests that if the US wishes peace in the region it should compel India to implement UN resolutions on Kashmir. (

    5. India is trying to turn Pakistan into a desert
    The Nawa-e-Waqt Daily in yet another editorial (June 9, 2009) on Baglihar has criticized Pakistan’s Indus water Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah for inept handling of the issue. The newspaper says that while leaving for New Delhi for talks on Baglihar dam, Shah told newsmen in Lahore that India has so far not violated the Indus Water Treaty nor has it stopped the flow of water to Pakistan. The Commissioner has submitted a report to the government which notes that the issue can not be resolved through the Indus Water Commission and the government should take a decision on its own. The daily suggests that the government should immediately sack Shah from the post because he toes India’s line on the issue.
    The newspaper opines that India has been trying to turn Pakistan into a desert by restricting the flow of water. Pakistan should foil this Indian strategy by taking this issue to the World Bank, the UN and even to the International Court of Justice.

    Jung, Editorial, June 9, 2009
    6. Federal government lacks capability to provide security to people
    Condemning the government for not providing adequate security to the people of Karachi, the Jung Daily in its editorial (June 9, 2009) says that killing of 29 people during the week indicates that the police forces and rangers have failed in their duties. Expressing concern over the killing of a political activist in Karachi, the daily says that the Federal government “lacks the capability” to provide good governance and security to the people. (

    Jang , June 10, 2009
    7. Balochistan CM demands implementation of 1940 resolution in province
    The Jang Urdu daily (June 10, 2009) reported that Balochistan Chief Minister Mohammed Aslam Raisani has demanded that autonomy should be given to all the ethnic communities in the province as per the 1940 resolution which says that Baloch, Punjabi, Sareaki and Sindhi would be treated equally. He said that the autocratic and despotic policies in the past have deprived ethnic communities in the province and that a new Agreement should be signed to allay the concerns of the communities. Raisani said that because of past policies sense of deprivation prevailed among the communities which created a rift between the federal government and the provinces. He said that when his party came to power they made it clear to the federal government that injustice has been meted out to people in the province which should be addressed. He said that he is happy that the government has waived off 17 billion rupees on the province and has allocated rupees 81 billion for development projects.

    8. Serial killing in Karachi has no relation with Swat operation: Geelani
    The Jang Urdu daily (June 10, 2009) reported that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani has said that the issue of serial killings in Karachi are political and not administrative and has no relation with the ongoing operation in Swat. He said that the peace committees would be activated and their ambit would be broaden to control the killings in Karachi. The peace committees would identify who is involved in the target killings, whether they are land mafia, drug mafia or “distructivists”.

    Nawaewaqt, Editorial, June 10,2009
    9. Launch new diplomatic initiative to revive the UN resolutions on Kashmir
    The Urdu Daily Nawae Waqt in its editorial (June 10, 2009) commends President Zardari for raising the issue of Kashmir and attaching the issue with UN resolutions. The paper says that initially the present government toeing the Mushharraf regime’s line, has not mentioned UN resolutions to solve the Kashmir issue and talked of peace with India. But the follower of Zulfiqar Bhutto, now believes that India is neither serious to resolve the issue nor has it accepted the division and creation of two nations. The newspaper suggests that to free its “Central Nerve” (Kashmir) from the clutches of Hindu nation, it should avoid trade and cultural relations (with India) and should launch new diplomatic initiatives to revive the UN resolutions. Instead of asking for a waiver of US debts, Pakistan should ask for American support to resolve Kashmir problem.

    The Express, Editorial, June 10, 2009
    10. Strengthen local Lashker to counter Taliban
    The Express, Urdu Daily in its editorial (June 10, 2009) has suggested to the authorities the need to strengthen local Lashker to counter the Taliban in the Malakand division. Based on reports that local Lashkers have started helping Pakistani troops in the operations against the Taliban in Deer Bala region by killing 14 terrorists, the newspaper suggests that the government should identify more Lashkers and train them because it will not only help restore peace in the region but will also help control insurgents during the post operation period. The newspaper also suggests the government should continue its operation till it completely regains its writ in the region. ( accessed on June 10, 2009)

    Khabrein, June 11, 2009
    11. Schism deepens between PPP and PML (N) over Nawaz Sharif’s apology letters
    The gulf between the ruling PPP and opposition PML (N) has deepened as confidential papers of Nawaz Sharif’s apology to Musharraf were reportedly leaked by the former. The PML (N) has protested this with Prime Minister Geelani terming it as back stabbing by the PM’s party, reported Urdu Daily Khabrein (on June 11,2009). The daily quoting sources say that the PML (N) leadership thinks that the issue of presenting these secret documents to the Sindh Court will dent the image of the party. The newspaper says that the Nawaz brothers were denying striking a deal to contest elections for ten years and now since the letters have been presented before the Court, the party will find it hard to deny the fact.

    Jang, Editorial, June 11, 2009
    12. Security forces should review its policies anew
    Commenting on the incident of an attack on a five star hotel in Peshawar, the Jang daily ( June 11, 2009) opines that the security forces should review its policies. The newspaper says that the attack has taken place in a hotel which comes under the sensitive zone where provincial assembly buildings, High Court and various government offices are located. The newspaper says that the police personnel deployed at all sensitive areas including hotels where foreigners stay need special and continuous training to deal with the issue.

    Nawae Waqt , June 11, 2009
    13. Not possible to send Indians back: Peer Pagada
    The Urdu Daily Nawae Waqt quoting spiritual leader Peer Pagada and President Muslim League (Functional) says that it was not possible to send Indians back to their country. He was responding to the demands made by Sindhi nationalists asking to send back all those Indians who came after 1954. Peer Pagada said that Muhajreens were invited by GM Syed himself, how can their follower make such demands?
    ( )

    14. Will again approach India for resumption of talks: Geelani
    Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani has said that both India and Pakistan cannot afford war and he will again contact the Indian government to resume the dialogue process, reported Urdu Daily Nawae Waqt today (June 11, 2009). He said that the dialogue is in the interest of the region.
    ( )

    15. Wind up Swat operation
    Urdu Daily Nawa-e-Waqt has criticized Pentagon for asking Pakistan to expand the Swat operation to Northern and Southern Waziristan. The newspaper in its editorial (June 11,2009) opines that instead of expanding the operation it should wind it up soon. The newspaper says “those dictating terms should be made aware of the fact that till the US forces are there in Afghanistan neither peace can be restored in the region nor terrorism can be eliminated”. Therefore, the US should withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and stop drone attack inside Pakistan. Once it does that, there will be no reason for terrorist attacks and suicide attacks will stop.

    June 12, 2009, Editorial, Nawa-e-Waqt
    16. Raise the issue of Kashmir with international community, not with India
    Commenting on PM Geelani’s June 11 remark that he will again approach Indian authorities to resume the dialogue process, the Nawae Waqt Urdu Daily criticized the Pakistani leadership in its editorial (June 12, 2009) saying that instead of begging India to resume talks, Geelani should take up this issue with the international community. The newspaper says that it is India that is not implementing UN resolutions to conduct a referendum in Kashmir, has been promoting terrorism and destruction in Pakistan and has unleashed “water terrorism” by checking water of the rivers from entering in to Pakistan and these need to be highlighted to the international community.
    The newspaper adds further that when Kashmir is not on the agenda of talks, then what is the use of talking about trade and getting compensation for water? It suggests Pakistani authorities to fight the fear of atomic India and raise the issue of Kashmir to the international community. It also suggests the government “to make his horses ready” which is “the decree of Quran”.