Pakistan Urdu Press: January 26-February 1, 2010
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  • Ausaf, editorial, January 26, 2010

    Evolve Strategy to stop India’s “water aggression”: Ausaf

    Pakistan has demanded India stop using Chenab’s water for irrigation purposes, says Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial. The daily quotes Jamat Ali Shah, chairman Indus Water Commission, as saying that the flow of water towards Pakistan will come down to three lakh acre foot, if India continues on using water for irrigation purposes using hand pumps along Chenab.

    The daily says water opens up a new dispute between the two countries. The daily opines that prophecies of experts are becoming true as they predicted that the next war will occur over the issue of water. The daily says that India continues with its plans to stop each drop of water to Pakistan by constructing water reservoirs and dams. If Pakistan does not realize this now, it will lead to a severe crisis. The daily suggests Pakistan begin consultation with all political parties to stop India’s “water aggression” and chalk out a strategy to present the issue before the international community and urge them to play an influential role to stop India’s water aggression.

    Jang, editorial, January 29, 2010

    Increasing Pakistan’s role is a must to resolve Afghan problem : Jang

    The Istanbul Conference has indicated a new strategy for Afghanistan including reaching an understanding with the Taliban, writes Jang in its editorial. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council’s Committee has de-listed names of Ahmad Mutawakkil (Foreign Minister under Taliban regime) and other leaders such as Abdul Hakeem Munib, Fazal Muhammad Faizan, Shamsussefa Aminzai and others who had occupied higher posts during the Taliban government. But the response of the Taliban to the new strategy is against the expectations. They have termed the London Conference a “waste of time” and have stated that the reports that they have agreed for talks is baseless. In a web post, they have said that the Taliban can not be bought by offering money or posts and they can not be persuaded to lay down arms, notes the daily.

    The daily in this context opines that, though the Taliban have been rejecting proposals of an understanding with the Karzai government before the withdrawal of US forces, the fact is that they have reached an understanding, as per their local traditions, at the provincial level where British troops are in command and control. The daily says that the US forces should understand the regional tradition if they want to resolve the Afghan issue and should also increase Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. The daily opines that “without increasing Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, it is not possible to hold contacts with the local people,” as Pakistan is the only regional country which understands the Afghans local customs and traditions. The paper also suggests limiting India’s role in Afghanistan in view of Pakistan’s concerns that India is using Afghanistan to foment instability inside Pakistan. The daily quotes a Pentagon official who has asked India to make its activity in Afghanistan transparent in view of Pakistan’s reservations.

    In conclusion, the daily advises the US that “the US administration should understand that they can achieve better results in Afghanistan not by pressurizing it but by understanding its problems.”

    Pakistan Pulse: Opinion Poll by Asas daily

    Amid speculation that the Chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court may open up cases against President Zardari an opinion poll found that people in Pakistan are in favour of opening up cases against the President. An opinion poll conducted by Asas Urdu daily revealed that 8387 respondents said that corruption cases against Zardari should open, while 2421 respondents thought that time is not opportune to do so.

    Should corruption cases against Zardari be opened? (Poll Conducted on 27 Jan 2010)

    As Pakistan grapples with an electricity crisis, a poll conducted by Asas daily found that the people believe that the government will not be able to overcome the crisis in the present year also. A majority of 8165 respondents of the poll believed that the government will not be able to control the power shortage while 2687 respondents exuded confidence in the government’s ability to control the electricity crisis in the country.

    Will the government be able to overcome electricity crisis in the present year? ( Poll Conducted on 30 Jan 2010)

    Against the backdrop of the petrol price hike in Pakistan, a public opinion poll reveals that the majority of Pakistanis believe that the move will further weaken the government. When asked whether the petrol price hike will further weaken the government a majority of 8653 respondents responded “Yes” while 3421 responded “ No.”

    Q. Will the petrol price hike further weaken the government? (Opinion Poll Conducted on February 1, 2010)