Pakistan Urdu Press: January 19-25, 2010
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  • Ausaf, editorial, January 18, 2010

    America would be compelled to withdraw from the region if Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan join together: Ausaf

    Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have agreed that “terrorism is a regional issue which should be resolved through non-military means and a regional approach should be taken. Afghan Foreign Minister Rangeen Dafdar Spanta also said that Afghanistan will not let India utilise its territory against any country including Pakistan,” writes Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial.

    The daily opines that Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan are the three countries in the region on which the US has imposed aggression. It has occupied Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda and is using the same pretext to intervene in Pakistan. On the other hand it has been exerting pressure on Iran for its nuclear weapons program. In reality it is trying to increase its influence in the region and wants to make India ‘a policeman’ in the region which is evident from the fact that while it claims to be Pakistan’s friend Washington has concluded a nuclear agreement with India.

    Against this backdrop the daily writes that “if the three countries realizing the US’s sinister designs demonstrate unity, America would be compelled to withdraw from the region.” The daily further writes that the unity of these three nations will lead to an era of development and this region will become the centre of attraction of the world because of its natural resources.

    Nawa-e-Waqt, editorial, January 18, 2010

    Regional bloc consisting Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey can guarantee security from evil powers: Nawa-e-Waqt

    Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have signed the “Islamabad declaration” in which the three foreign ministers expressed a commitment that all the three Islamic brethrens will respect each others’ sovereignty and will not let their territories be used against other, writes the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial.

    Commenting on the issue, the daily opines that “unfortunately, 9/11 provided an opportunity for the US to launch a crusade against Islamic countries labeling them terror sponsors and it united all the infidels to join the heinous campaign to destroy Muslim countries.” As per the strategy, the US dethroned Saddam in Iraq and toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan and appointed puppets like Noori Al maliki and Hamid Karzai.

    The daily, however, says that realization by the Afghanistan government that it will not let India utilise its territory against any country including Pakistan, is a welcome development. The daily writes that “if four Muslim nations in the region- Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey form an Islamic bloc no one will dare cast an evil eye and no power can have any aggressive design against the territorial integrity of these countries. If they forge mutual cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and defence, they can become a regional force, prosper and achieve stability. This bloc can also guarantee security from evil powers.

    Ausaf, editorial, 21, January 2010

    IPL: India humiliated Pakistani players: Ausaf

    Commenting on the non-inclusion of Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Ausaf Urdu daily writes that “Pakistani players have been humiliated under a well thought out strategy.” The daily says that “through our editorial we want to ask people of ‘Amn Ki Asha’ can we expect peace from the country which stooped so low to demean the our cricketers.” The daily suggests Pakistan “to register protest at the diplomatic level and deny Indian delegations entry into Pakistan till India learns to respect Pakistan.”

    Azkar, editorial, 22, January 2010

    IPL: Ask clarification from India: Azkar

    Commenting on the IPL episode, the Azkar Urdu daily in its editorial says that “not putting Pakistani cricketers under hammer during IPL bidding is astonishing. Had they been given a chance, it could have helped ease tension between India and Pakistan.” The daily further says that “the Gods of Indian cricket have not only lost an opportunity but also disappointed 17 crore Pakistan cricket fans.” The paper appreciates government of Pakistan’s decision to cancel a parliamentary delegation’s visit to India and calls it the “right step”. The daily says that “we understand that Pakistan should register a protest by calling Indian High Commissioner”. It also suggested that “Pakistan should seek clarification from India, about the circumstances under which Pakistani cricketers were excluded from IPL.”

    IPL: Only a protest was not enough: Public Opinion Poll

    A public opinion poll on the IPL issue suggests that the majority of Pakistanis’ believe that a mere protest by the government on Pakistani players’ non-inclusion was not enough. The Asas Urdu daily asked its readers whether a mere protest was enough after the humiliation of Pak cricketers in IPL, a majority of 7542 respondents replied “No” while only 3564 respondents believed that a verbal protest was enough.

    Q. Pak cricketers’ humiliation in IPL: was a protest from Pakistan enough? ( poll Conducted on January 26, 2010)

    Pakistan Pulse: Public Opinion Poll by Asas daily

    The Government of Pakistan’s foreign policy does not reflect people’s aspiration reveals an opinion poll conducted by Asas Urdu daily. When the daily posed a question asking whether Pakistan’s foreign policy reflects their sentiments, a majority of 7451 respondents responded “No” while only 3685 respondents believed that it conforms with their aspirations.

    Q. Does Government of Pakistan’s foreign policy reflect people’s aspiration? ( poll Conducted on January19, 2010)

    On yet another issue of Foreign Policy, public opinion in Pakistan tends to believe that the US is not a sincere friend of Pakistan. When Asas daily asked its readers whether they believe that the US is a sincere friend of Pakistan a majority of 6854 respondents responded “No” while only 3521 respondents believed that it is a sincere friend.

    Q. Is the US a sincere friend of Pakistan? (poll conducted on January 23, 2010)