Pakistan Urdu Press: February 16-22, 2010
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  • Azkar, editorial, February 20, 2010

    World Bank should pressurize the UN to implement its resolution if it wants peace in the region: Nawae Waqt

    The Nawa-e-Waqt quotes a World Bank report noting that “the report says that peace and economic cooperation between India and Pakistan is not only necessary for both the countries, but also for the entire South Asian region.” Commenting upon the report the editorial says that “the World Bank has expressed desire for peace based on its own financial benefits”… But it did not mention Kashmir- the real cause of tension in the region. Without resolving Kashmir issue neither tension between the two countries can end nor there would be any guarantee of world and regional peace.

    The daily says that “the World Bank should know this fact because it has been the arbiter of the 1964 Indus Water Treaty between the two countries and is a guarantor of the implementation of the treaty.” The daily suggests that the World Bank “for its own financial interests should pressurize the UN to implement its resolution on Kashmir so that a referendum in Kashmir is conducted.” The daily also suggests the World Bank “take notice of the violation of the Indus Water Treaty” and alleges that India is constructing more than 62 dams on the Neelam River.

    Azkar, editorial, February 21, 2010

    It is important to live for Islam than to die: Azkar

    Amidst increasing suicide attacks in Pakistan, the Azkar Urdu daily in its editorial notes that “it is unfortunate that Islamic teachings in Pakistan and the Pakistani clergy have stressed that ‘if you are a Muslim you should be ready to die’ and only a few talk to live for Islam.”

    The daily opines that since more emphasis is being given to die, it has sent a message that ‘Islam is a religion which believes in killing and sacrifice’ and it takes no interest in the present world. The daily, refuting the notion says that had it been so science and Islamic scientists could not have flourished. The daily says that the need of the hour is to highlight the fact that Islam is a religion which teaches people to live and work for the development of the world at large.

    Khanbrein, opinion, Feb 18, 2010

    By arresting Mulla Ghani, Pakistan has sent last warning to Taliban: Chaudhary Naeem Sidhu

    In an opinion Column in Khabrein Urdu Daily, Columnist Chaudhary Naeem Sidhu writes that the arrest of Mulla Abdul Ghani Brader, the deputy of Taliban Supremo Mulla Umar, based in Karachi confirms the news that the “Quetta Shura” has indeed been shifted to Karachi. He believes that with the arrest of Mulla Ghani, Pakistan has tried to send a message to Tehreeke Taliban and its supreme leader Mulla Umar to mend its differences with Pakistan. The columnist says that “my personal opinion is that Mulla Umar has been saved” to send a warning to the Taliban to abolish Tehreeke Taliban and accept dialogue with Karzai through Pakistan and also stop the killing of Afghan people.