Pakistan Urdu Press: December 22-28, 2009
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  • Ausaf, editorial, December 24, 2009

    Adopt bold policy vis-a vis Kashmir: Ausaf

    The Ausaf Urdu daily advocates that the current government’s policy vis-a-vis Kashmir, be “bold”. The daily opines that “we believe that the only solution to the Kashmir problem is armed struggle but General Pervez Musharraf weakened the policy under US pressure.” The daily criticizes the present government for not taking enough measures towards resolving Kashmir issue and reiterates that it was the result of an arm struggle which brought India to the negotiating table in 2002. The daily say that when the armed struggle weakened and Musharraf did not pay heed to the advise and reservations of Syed Salahuddin, Chairman of the Muttahida Jihad Council, India strengthened its claws with the passage of time and is “now butchering Kashmiris mercilessly.” The paper in this context advises the government of Pakistan to adopt a bold policy towards Kashmir

    Nawa-e-Waqt, editorial, December 26, 2009

    Working Group’s recommendations, identical with UN resolution on Kashmir: Nawae Waqt

    Following the submission of its report by the Working Group constituted by Pakistan on Kashmir suggesting Kashmir’s pre-1953 status be restored, the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial says that India should respect the recommendations by the working group. The daily says that the committee has suggested that the fate of article 370 should be decided by the people of Kashmir. The suggestion is identical with that of UN resolutions on Kashmir which grants them the right of self determination, says the daily. The paper suggests that after this recommendation by the working group, India should drop its oft repeated reiteration that “Kashmir is an integral part of India”. Pakistan will accept the outcome of a plebiscite by the Kashmiri people but if a solution is imposed by India or a third power at India’s behest, it will not be acceptable.

    Pakistan Pulse

    Opinion Poll Conducted by Asas Urdu Daily

    An opinion poll conducted around Benazir Bhutto’s anniversary by Asas Urdu daily, reveals that the Pakistanis believe that the government is sincere in its efforts in arresting the killers of Benazir Bhutto. A majority of 7213 respondents responded in ‘Yes’, when they were asked whether the government is sincere in arresting the killers of Benazir Bhutto, while 2524 respondents doubted the sincerity of government in this regard.

    Q. Is Pakistan government sincere in arresting Killer of Benazir Bhutto? ( Poll Conducted on December 27, 2009)

    As debate on the NRO rages in Pakistan, an opinion poll conducted by the Asas daily found that the implementation of the NRO poses no threat to Pakistani democracy. A majority of 7842 respondents thought that it does not pose a threat to democracy, while 3256 people believe that it poses a threat to democracy.

    Q. Is implementation of NRO a threat for democracy? ( Poll Conducted on December 26, 2009)

    Amid the mounting pressure on the government to put Musharraf on trial, a poll conducted by Asas daily reveals that the majority of Pakistanis believe that the government will not prosecute Musharraf. When a question in this regard was asked by the daily a majority of 8752 respondents responded ‘No’, while only 2641 responded ‘Yes’.

    Q.Will the government put Musharraf on trial? ( Poll Conducted on December 25, 2009)