Pakistan Urdu Press: December 1-7, 2009
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  • Nawa-e-Waqt, Editorial, December 4, 2009

    Evolve Post American strategy in Afghanistan, renew contacts with Taliban: Nawae Waqt

    “Obama’s new Afghan policy is a copy of the Bush doctrine.” The only difference in this policy is that he has announced an “exit policy”, writes Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial. The daily opines that “Obama’s speech was a speech by a defeated leader who was filled with despair and lacked vision. The US has not achieved its goal in eight years but Obama understands that he will achieve this feat in 18 months.”

    By announcing an exit policy and deployment of additional troops, Obama has put Pakistan in difficulty, has discouraged his own troops in Afghanistan and increased threats to the Karzai government, opines the daily. The daily asks why should not the Karzai government strike a deal with the Taliban who are ultimately going to be the victors and will replace the weak Karzai government?

    The daily says that “had the US chalked out a strategy of withdrawal by negotiating with the Taliban through the mediation of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it could have ensured its respectful exit,” To conclude it suggests that Pakistan “instead of appealing to stay for more five years, should evolve its own national strategy taking into account the American exit from Afghanistan. It should not accept any role of India in Afghanistan and should start its effort to renew contacts with the Taliban from now.”

    Azkar, Editorial, December 4, 2009

    Obama should spend $ 30 bn on American homeless rather than war in Afghanistan: Azkar

    Obama’s new Afghan policy is as ambiguous as his slogan of “change”, writes Azkar Urdu daily in its editorial. He is going to spend an additional 30 billion dollars in Afghanistan but this money should have been disbursed to homeless and jobless Americans, suggests the left leaning daily.

    Sending thirty thousand troops to a country which has no economy and assuring Americans that after 18 months they would start withdrawing is like giving false assurance to a child. The majority of Americans oppose war and it will increase further in coming days, opines the daily.

    Khabrein, Editorial, December 4, 2009

    US wants to attack Pakistan: Khabrein

    The Khabrein Urdu daily however has views the Obama’s speech differently. It opines that sooner or later US is planning to attack Pakistan. “It has become clear from Obama’s speech that the US wants to attack inside Pakistan’s territory noting that Al Qaeda has safe havens in Pakistan which is unacceptable. This means that America wants to attack Pakistan in the garb of attacking Al Qaeda, says the editorial.

    Today American defence analysts admit that 75 percent of Afghanistan’s territory is under Taliban’s control. The paper in this context questions American achievements in Afghanistan during these eight years of war and also suggests Pakistan to ask the US that what has it achieved in Afghanistan during these years? The daily opines that Taliban do not confront their adversary directly rather they engage in guerilla war. (accessed on December 4, 2009)

    Obama’s new Afghan policy poses threat to world peace: Asas Urdu daily opinion poll

    Interestingly, Pakistani public opinion believes that Obama’s new Afghan policy is a threat to world peace. An online opinion poll conducted by Asas Urdu daily reveals that a majority of people (7695 respondents) believe that Obama’s new Afghan policy is a threat to world peace, while only 3524 respondents disagreed. Only 157 participants in the poll had no response.

    Whether Obama’s Afghan policy a threat to world peace?

    (Poll Conducted on December 3, 2009)