Pakistan Urdu Press: April 18-24, 2011
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  • Withdrawal of troops from Balochistan a welcome decision

    Ausaf, Editorial, April 20, 2011
    Most of the Urdu dailies have welcomed General Kayani’s announcement in which he promised to withdraw troops from Balochistan within two months. The Ausaf Urdu Daily writes in its editorial that “the withdrawal of troops from Balochistan is a welcome decision and it will silence those who had been continuously alleging that the army had launched an operation in Balochistan.” Commenting on Kayani’s announcement during his recent visit to Balochistan to employ Baloch troops in Pakistani army, the Daily opines that “this decision will eliminate the sense of deprivation among Baloch youths and “it will also discourage the Baloch separatists.”

    For the first time in its editorial, the Daily has urged the Pakistani Army to “play its role in utilising the natural resources in Balochistan.” It suggests that “the Army Chief, in collaboration with the government, should frame a policy to use civilian and military engineers to extract gold and copper resources in Balochistan and also to search for new reservoirs of natural gas and petroleum.” The Daily opines that Pakistan will become one of the richest countries in the world “if natural resources of Balochistan are utilised.”

    It is more urgent to secure country’s integrity from external threat than the internal threat

    Nawa-e-Waqt, Editorial, April 19, 2011
    The Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu Daily also has written editorial on Kayani’s recent visit to Balochistan. However, the Nawa-e-Waqt has focused on his remarks that the country faces internal not external threat. The Daily reminds Kayani that “the internal threat to the country comes from our day one enemy India and acts of trained terrorist sent by its intelligence agency RAW.” The Daily says that the Pakistan Army should understand the fact that “it is more urgent to secure the country’s integrity from external threat than the internal threat.”

    The Daily also draws Kayani’s attention towards military operation in tribal areas. It says that “if the decision of withdrawal of troops from Balochistan has been made to maintain integrity of country, the same sprit is required for winding up the military operation in tribal areas as the suicide attacks in Pakistani cities are a byproduct of military operations in tribal areas.”

    Baloch youths access to employment will change the political scene of Balochistan

    Nazeer Naji, Opinion Column, April 20, 2011
    Kayani’s announcements during his Balochistan visit have found appreciation also from Pakistani columnists. One of the leading columnists, Nazeer Naji, writes in Jang Urdu Daily that “This is not an ambiguous political statement, this is a statement from a soldier and no one should have any doubt on its implementation.” General Kayani has spoken some truth which if Pakistani military leadership had understood forty years earlier, then the country could not have been divided into two and Pakistan would not have faced the crises it faces today. One of the admissions of truth is that the general admits that the Army alone cannot defend the country and to make the country impervious, national integrity is necessary, Naji writes further.

    The columnist writes that the Army Chief’s decision to recruit more than 5000 Baloch in Pakistan army will weaken the external agents and separatists in Balochistan. Naji says that once Baloch youth and people get access to employment opportunities, the political scene will start changing and that will corner the separatist elements in Balochistan.