Pakistan Urdu Press: September 14-20, 2010
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  • Jang, Editorial, Sept 15, 2010

    Pakistani should express solidarity with Kashmiri cause: Jang

    Kashmir issue is back on Pakistani Urdu dailies’ editorial pages. Many leading Urdu newspapers have editorials dedicated to this issue. The editorial of Jang Urdu Daily writes, “Kashmiri people’s struggle for independence is getting strength with the passage of time and it would not be easy for India to ignore it.” It quotes a survey conducted by Hindustan Times and states that it indicates that two-third majority of Kashmiri people want independence. The Daily opines that the survey validates its ‘thinking and writings on Kashmir’.

    It, however, goes on to deny Pakistan’s involvement in the present crisis in Kashmir. The editorial says that the incidents of burning of Indian flag and hoisting of Pakistan flags by Kashmir youths provide India an opportunity to point finger towards Pakistan. “But Pakistan is not involved in the recent turmoil in Kashmir. The ongoing struggle is led by Kashmiri leadership. Pakistan faces lots of its own issues and it can not afford opening up another front”, argues the editorial. However, it suggests the Pakistani leadership to “express solidarity with Kashmiri cause” and advises Pakistan to “direct its embassies to raise the issue at the international level” and also use its diplomatic tactics to highlight Kashmir issues.

    Express Urdu Daily, Editorial, Sept 15, 2010

    Pakistan should exploit the present situation in Kashmir: Express Urdu Daily

    Commenting on the Kashmir situation, the Express Urdu Daily in its editorial writes, “The ongoing situation in Kashmir suggests that situation there has gone out of hand from Indian authorities and their strategy to subjugate Kashmiri people through draconian laws have proved counterproductive.” The paper opines that “if this situation continues for some more times, India would have no excuse not to have a dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership.” The Daily suggest Pakistan to “exploit the situation and also continue its support to the Kashmiri people.” The Daily also quotes a recent survey by Hindustan Times to suggest that two thirds majority of Kashmiri people want independence and asks Pakistan to “keep a watch on the developments in occupied Kashmir”. It also urges international community to “pressurize India to resolve the Kashmir issue as per the UN resolutions.”

    Khabrein, Editorial, Sept 14, 2010

    India is pushing the Kashmir issue towards a war: Khabrein

    The editorial of Kahabrein Urdu Daily writes, “Kashmir movement is at its peak… but unfortunately India continues to use power without realizing the sensitivity of the issue thus worsening the situation further.” The Daily says that Kashmir is besieged by three atomic powers and if the Kashmir issue is not resolved, it may lead to a war and in case of a war “the weaker party” would use atomic weapon first to turn the result in its favour. “It is unfortunate that India, instead of resolving the issue, is using power and pushing the issue towards a war which would have catastrophic effects for the region,” writes the Daily.

    Public Pulse

    Pakistan’s role on Kashmir not appropriate: Opinion Poll

    To assess Pakistani people’s thinking on Kashmir, Asas Urdu Daily conducted an opinion poll asking ‘Is Pakistan’s response (Kirdar) to Kashmir issue appropriate?’ The majority of respondents replied in “NO”.

    Q. Is Pakistan’s response to Kashmir issue appropriate? (Poll Conducted on Sept 16, 2010)