Pakistan Urdu Press: October 12-18, 2010
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  • The speculation over Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s plan to revert the March 16, 2009 on the restoration of judges, including Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary has generated debate in Pakistan’s Urdu media this week.

    Government’s revocation of its earlier order for restoration of judges will lead to national crisis: Nawa-e- Waqt (editorial), October 16, 2010

    The Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily writes in its editorial that a 17 member bench of the Supreme court held a late night meeting and took suo moto notice over media reports which suggested that the Prime Minister Gilani is contemplating withdrawal of the earlier notification which had restored Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and dozens of upper court judges to their respective posts in the Supreme and High Courts. It writes that “the Supreme Court observes in its order that no constitutional institution including the President is authorized to withdraw the March 16 order of the Prime Minister and if it is done, it would amount to sabotaging the Constitution and will fall under article 6 of the Constitution.” Article 6 of the Pakistani Constitution says that any person who attempts to subvert the Constitution will be guilty of treason. The Daily observes that if the government thinks that by withdrawing its earlier order, all the judges who had been restored would lose their position, then that would be a fallacy. However, government’s intention to withdraw its previous order has exposed its claims that it stands for judiciary’s independence and autonomy, opines the Daily. In this context, the editorial warns, “If democracy gets derailed by this attitude of the government and military dictatorship, which was buried by the people recently emerges again, present ruling elite would be responsible for that. In its concluding remarks, the Daily observes that “it would be a national crisis if the ruling class puts democracy at risk for their personal interests.”

    Reports of revocation of PM’s order for restoration of judges has opened a tussle between the government and judiciary: Ausaf (editorial), October 16, 2010

    Commenting on the same issue, the Ausaf Urdu Daily writes that reports of withdrawal of March 16 order by the Prime Minister for the restoration of judges, has opened up a confrontation between the Judiciary and the government. It reminds of the days of Musharraf that had led to the situation of stagnation in the country. The Daily opines, “We can say with confidence that the judiciary can take stern action for the implementation of its decision (including the National Reconciliation Ordinance that was abrogated last year) but it does not want to harm the political system. On the other hand, the government is making mistakes after mistakes but wants the judicial system to provide legal basis for their wrong actions and also to work under their subservience.”

    It further observes, “The people in government have stated that there is no truth in media reports regarding Prime Minister’s alleged intention to revert the March 16 order. But when the Supreme Court asked the Prime Minister to submit a signed statement before the court making it clear that it has no such intention, the government was evasive. This strengthened the impression that government harbours some bad intention against the judiciary. The Daily concludes by suggesting the government to shift its focus on people related issues rather than NRO and should wait for a decision by the Supreme Court and let the court work independently.

    Pakistan Pulse

    With the news of withdrawal of Prime Minister’s order for the restoration of judges doing rounds in electronic media, the Asas Urdu Daily asked the Pakistani citizens whether they find the news credible. The majority of them responded in “yes.”

    Q. Do you believe that the news of withdrawal of PM’s order for the restoration of judges true? (Poll conducted on October 16)

    In yet another opinion poll, Asas Urdu Daily asked its readers whether India was sincere for talks with Pakistan. A large majority of them responded in no, only 1827 viewed that India was sincere in talks with Pakistan.

    Q. Do you think India is sincere in talks with Pakistan? (Poll conducted on October 17, 2010)