Pakistan Urdu Press: November 22-28, 2011
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  • The NATO air strike of 26th November on a Pakistani check post has generated a lot of debate in Pakistani Urdu media. Almost all the leading Urdu dailies have condemned this attack terming it an assault on Pakistani sovereignty.

    NATO air strike; Time to give a befitting response: Jang

    Editorial (excerpts), 28/11/2011
    Our civil and military leadership should reconsider our role in the so called ‘war against terror’ (following the NATO air strike in which 26 soldiers died). We should clearly tell the NATO command and the US that Pakistani tolerance has been tested to its limits. After this incident, if any foreign troop fires a single shot inside our territory, it should be responded with two shots. We have to stop this game played by our so called allies which results in the deaths of innocent civilians and soldiers. God forbid, if similar incident takes place again, our armed forces should give befitting reply. Merely stopping the NATO supply lines and issuing orders to vacate an airbase would not be enough. The time has come for the entire nation to stand together for safeguarding the nation’s security and sovereignty. Otherwise the US and its allies would keep stabbing us in our back.

    Time to take a united stand: Nawa-e- Waqt

    Editorial (excerpts), 28/11/2011
    It is a welcome sign that our political leaders have stood united as a “solid wall” against the NATO strike and against its threat to our national security and sovereignty. At this critical juncture, the topmost priority is to evolve a mechanism for national defence by keeping aside political differences. In this regard, President Zardari called a meeting in the presidential residence and held conversation with Prime Minister Gilani, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani, Afsandyar Wali and Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Following the meeting, Gilani also held telephonic conversations with Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, Chudhary Nisar Ali Khan, Imran Khan and Farooq Sattar. The opposition leaders advised him to take a strong stand against the aggression of the NATO forces.

    If we do not give America a strong message today and do not follow up with it then the US would leave no stone unturned to implement it’s sinister designs (against Pakistan). Therefore, we should consider the life of every civilian equal to the life of every soldier and we should adopt similar stance against the US’s drone attacks.
    The entire nation would support any decision in the national interest taken by the civilian and military leadership. There is no scope of being soft on the US nor can the nation afford to do so. The proud nations do not reach to an understanding with the enemy but they fight against the enemies in the battle ground.

    Silence would be criminal negligence: Ummat

    Editorial (excerpts), 28/11/2011
    NATO Commander General Allen and US’s ambassador to Pakistan Cameroon Munter have assured a probe into the NATO air strike on the Pakistani check post but they are well aware that the probe would be put in the cold storage like it has happened in the previous cases. However, this time, COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has taken a strong exception to this strike and has ordered the forces to give a befitting reply if any such incident is repeated. Meanwhile, the people and former generals have termed the martyrdom of 28 soldiers as an irreparable loss to the nation and have said that they should take revenge without waiting for further strikes. Further silence in this matter would be criminal negligence.

    Pakistan has taken a bold step by cutting the NATO supply lines and ordering the evacuation of Shamsi airbase in 15 days. However, we should note that by taking series of aggressive actions, the US has declared a war on Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan should stop all relations with the US and should tell the US that it is dependent on Pakistan but Pakistan is not dependant on it. By attacking Pakistani sovereignty, the US has hurt its own interests and it should be ready to bear the consequences.

    Strengthen security on borders: Mashriq

    Editorial (excerpts), 28/11/2011
    We think that Pakistan has taken a bold step by cutting the NATO forces supply lines and Pakistan should stop the supply line till the NATO High Command formally apologises for this act and assures that there won’t be a repeat. We understand that Pakistani forces would be in a state of alert and it may have taken all the steps to make the exigencies. Army chief has recently visited the border areas and strengthened the troops’ presence in Lower and Upper Dir and Chitral. Because of this strengthened position, the NATO forces could not dare launch ground strikes inside Pakistan. It would be better to take similar step to ensure complete security of the borders.

    Translated and complied by Shamshad A. Khan and Amit Julka, Research Assistant and Research Intern respectively at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.