Pakistan Urdu Press: May 12-15, 2011
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  • Secure our nuclear assets from the US and its allies

    Nawae-Waqt, Editorial May 12, 2011.

    Following the US’s operation in Abbottabad, concern is being expressed in Pakistan about the safety of its nuclear assets. Echoing the sentiments, the Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily, says in its editorial that “(there is) no doubt that our nuclear assets are under the strong control of National Command and Control authority, but considering the failure of our intelligence and related agencies, should we not care for the security of these assets following the Abbottabad Operation?” The Daily argues, “A concrete policy is needed to secure the nuclear assets as they guarantee Pakistan’s national security.” The Daily opines that “the US and its allies are sitting in the region and creating turbulence to steal our security cover.” It also suggests the Pakistani administration to compel the US and its allies to leave the region since their “designs” have been exposed.

    ‘Pakistani leaders should put their differences aside and implement the resolution adopted in the joint session of the parliament

    Ausaf, Editorial, May 15, 2011
    The Ausaf Urdu Daily has welcomed the Pakistani Parliament’s unanimous adoption of the resolution condemning the US Operation in Abbottabad. The Daily says that the adoption of resolution condemning the US action is a “better late than never” action. It says that “if the resolution is implemented…the US and its allies will think thousand times before challenging Pakistan’s national security and sovereignty.” The Daily also opines, “Following the Abbottabad incident, Pakistan is in a dilemma and to take the nation out of this, it is necessary to put our weight behind the Pakistan Army and the ISI.” It also goes on to appeal that “for the sake of the country, our leaders should put their differences aside and should implement the resolution adopted by the joint session of the Parliament.”

    Construction of dams on Kabul River will cripple the agriculture sector of Pakistan: Jang

    The Jang, May 13, 2011
    Pakistani Urdu dailies have been accusing India for checking inflow of water by constructing dams in Kashmir. Now the Jang Urdu Daily has also joined the bandwagon in alleging India of “water aggression.” In a recent editorial, Jang writes, “After constructing over 60 dams on rivers in Occupied Kashmir, India is reportedly working on a plan to construct dozens of dams on Kabul River which will aggravate water crisis in Pakistan.” The Daily writes that “if the information is true, then our government should take immediate steps to foil this conspiracy.” It is of the view that construction of dams on Kabul River will stop the flow of waters into Pakistan and would ultimately cripple the agricultural sector which is the back bone of in the country. The Daily suggests the Pakistani government to “further strengthen its relations with Afghanistan and to make the Afghan brethrens aware of this sinister design of India.”