Pakistan Urdu Press: March 30-April 5, 2010
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  • Ausaf, editorial, March 31, 2010

    Pak FM should have made US agree for civilian nuclear agreement with Pakistan: Ausaf

    Launching a scathing attack on Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Memoud Qureishi’s statement that “insistence on civilian nuclear technology is not in national interest,” the Ausaf Urdu Daily states in its editorial that “till yesterday, the Pakistani government was insisting on the need for civilian nuclear agreement in line with Indo-US nuclear pact.” Till his departure for the United States, the Foreign Minister was saying that Pakistan would demand from the United States civilian nuclear technology and it was also said that China would have no problem if the US provides nuclear technology to Pakistan. But after the US visit, the same minister is saying that insistence on some issues, including civilian nuclear technology, is not in national interest”. In this context, the Daily opines that this is the influence of the “mesmerizing personality of Hillary Clinton” on Pakistan’s Foreign Minister after his meeting with the US Secretary of State.

    The editorial says that “if he had any sympathy with Pakistani people, he could have made the US agree to accept our demand for civilian nuclear technology because the increasing electricity charges have heavily impacted the budget of all Pakistanis.” The editorial concludes with a sarcastic wish: may the Foreign Minister also suffer from the same situation as all Pakistani people are suffering and realise the kind of problems the common people are facing.

    Mashriq, Editorial, April, 1, 2010

    Appoint arbitrator for Kishen-Ganga project without further delay: Mashriq

    Against the backdrop of the meeting of India-Pakistan Indus Water Commissioners, the Mashriq Daily, in its editorial, notes that “we are ourselves responsible for water crisis in Pakistan.” The Daily states that Pakistan is delaying the appointment of an arbitrator for the arbitration on the Kishen-Ganga Project and that “the file is lying in the Law Ministry and there are reports that there is an internal dispute over the names of two persons.” The Daily opines that if India succeeds in its plans to construct the Kishen-Ganga Project, Pakistan would lose 21to 25 per cent of its share of water and there would be a shortage of 870 Megawatt of hydro-power production in Neelam-Jhelam project. The paper suggests that Pakistan appoint an arbitrator for the Kishen-Ganaga project without further delay and warns that otherwise it might get too late. (Pani sar se Guzar gaya to pani wapis nahin aayega)”.

    Tell US, Pakistan could use missiles to destroy illegal Indian dams: Nawa-e-Waqt

    Commenting on the water issue, the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu Daily editorialises that “Indian Indus water Commissioner Ranganathan had also visited Pakistan two months earlier. He saw with his own eyes how our rivers and canals are turning into desert and had accepted that Pakistan is not getting enough water from rivers flowing from India. But he has not accepted Pakistan’s stand in the recently held meeting.” The Daily goes on to say that this suggests that “India will never agree to resolve this issue through talks.”

    The Daily argues that Pakistan “should not rely on India to resolve the issue of water through talks but should take the issue to the International Court of Justice and the World Bank.” It suggests that the “international community as well as India’s leader, the US, should be made aware of Indian designs against our integrity and the US should be asked to pressurize India to resolve water and Kashmir issue.” The Daily adds that the US should be made aware that “to achieve its right, Pakistan is ready to take its last resort which could be using its missiles to destroy illegal Indian dams.” The Daily says that the “issue of water is in fact the issue of our security. Ignoring the issue would amount to ignoring our security.”

    Pakistan Pulse

    Is India sincere in talks over water? (Poll Conducted on April 1, 2010)

    An Opinion Poll conducted by the Asas Urdu Daily asked its readers whether India is sincere about the talks on water. A majority of the 7468 respondents replied “No” while only 3105 respondents considered that India was sincere in the talks.