Pakistan Urdu Press: June 8-14, 2010
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  • Nawa-e- Waqt, Editorials, 9, 12 and 13 June, 2010

    Any “deal” on the issue of Kashmir would not be acceptable to Pakistani people: Nawa-e- Waqt

    Much ahead of Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna’s Islamabad visit, Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily has written a series of editorials on Kashmir sensing a major breakthrough on the issue during the visit. It has warned that no such “deal” on the issue would be acceptable to Pakistani people.

    In its first editorial, the daily quotes the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement in Srinagar visit that India’s good relations with Pakistan and stability in India and Pakistan is in the interest of entire region but it is possible only when Pakistan dismantles terrorist network on its soil. In this context, the daily suggests Indian Prime Minister to “consider ground realities and understand the fact that despite imposing three wars on Pakistan … and state oppression of Kashmiri’s their fervour for liberation has not gone down.” It goes on to say that “if Sardarji wishes a better relation between India and Pakistan and peace in the region, he should give the right of self determination to Kashmiri people.” The Daily also says, “if India wants a dialogue with Pakistan, it should be for finding ways on how to conduct a plebiscite in Kashmir.”

    In yet another Editorial on Kashmir, the Daily focuses on two statements coming from Washington. The first by US Assistant Secretary of States Robert Blake who reportedly said in an interaction with Washington based think tank CSIS that India and Pakistan had made important breakthrough on Kashmir during their talks till 2007. The Daily cites another statement of Assistant Secretary of State Phillip Crowley in which he termed Manmohan Singh’s Srinagar visit as successful and said that next two months would be crucial for the resolution of Kashmir issue. On this, the Daily says that “it could be sensed from the two statements that on the issue of Kashmir, the governments of Pakistan and India have started their discussion and Musharraf formula on Kashmir is also coming to the fore.” The Daily suggests the government of Pakistan to show no flexibility on Kashmir “at a time when Kashmiri struggle for independence is at its peak” adding that “any deal on Kashmir would discourage Kashmiris and would allow India to strengthen its claws on Kashmir-the central vein of Pakistan.” The Daily says that “Pakistani leaders should not forget that no resolution of Kashmir (except as per the UN resolutions on Kashmir), will be acceptable to Pakistani people and nor they will let it happen.” The Daily also suggests government of Pakistan to take its people and parliament into confidence before sitting on the negotiating tables with India.

    In its third editorial on the issue of Kashmir, the Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily highlights President Zardari’s remarks during recently concluded SCO meeting in Shangahai where he said that the regional cooperation is inevitable to win the war against terrorism. The Daily reminds Zardari that “when the President talks of regional cooperation to win war against terrorism then he would need cooperation from India. India views the ongoing struggle for the liberation of Kashmir as terrorism.” The Daily asks if the Pakistani President agrees with India’s stand. The Daily says that whenever talks on regional cooperation against terrorism would take place, Pakistan would be bound to accept “illogical stand” of India. It adds that some of Pakistanis who supports “Amn Ki Asha” already accept this stand. But no one has guts to accept it as a “national stand.”

    Ausaf, editorial, June 11, 2010

    Emulate Chinese leaderships’ policies which made China a strong nation: Ausaf

    "Pakistan and China has signed five agreements for cooperation in the field of IT, ports and water resources during Chinese Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to Islamabad," notes the Ausaf Daily in its editorial’s opening remarks. Without elaborating much about the agreements, the Daily states that “China is the only country which has not made its friend (Pakistan) addict of begging and financial loans but has always tried that her friend stands on its own feet. Had we accepted China’s suggestions, we could not have become slave of international monitory institutions. Our economy could have been our own and we could not have been receiving dictations.”

    The Daily further writes that "we have always claimed that Sino-Pak friendship is taller than the Himalaya and deeper than the sea but have not presented a practical example of it. In fact china should have been focus of our studies. Our leadership should have considered Chinese leadership’s policies which made China a strong nation. Our students should have curiosity in knowing what made china a prosperous country and our teachers should have studied China’s developmental model. But our leaders, our students and teachers do not go beyond expressing that Sino-Pak friendship is taller than the Himalaya and deeper than the sea." The paper, in this context, suggests Pakistan to emulate China in every field.

    Pakistan Pulse

    An opinion poll, conducted after the presentation of federal budget, suggests that majority of Pakistanis think that the budget is not a reflection of their aspirations.

    Q. Is federal budget 2010-11 reflects your aspirations? (Poll Conducted on June 7, 2010)

    Similarly, another opinion poll suggests that the majority of Pakistani do not agree with the Foreign Policy of the present government.

    Q. Do you agree with the Foreign Policy of the present government? (Poll Conducted on 13 June 2010)