Pakistan Urdu Press:June 27 - July 03, 2011
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  • Evacuate the Shamsi air base from the US occupation by force: Nawa-e-Waqt

    Editorial, July 1, 2011

    Pakistani Urdu dailies have criticized the US for rejecting Pakistan’s demand to vacate the Shamshi Airbase in Balochistan. The Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu daily in its editorial writes that “the US has rejected Pakistan’s demand to vacate Shamshi Airbase and has said that the air base is being used for drone attacks against the terrorists.” The daily further writes that “one of the US officials on the condition of anonymity has said that neither this base has been vacated nor the US intends to do so.” The daily says that the air base is based near Balochistan’s Dalbandain area from where the US has been flying the drones to attack its targets in the tribal region.

    The daily against this context suggests Pakistan to forcibly evacuate the Shamsi air base from the US and also dismantle US’s spying networks on Pakistani soil. The daily writes that if a concrete response is not given to the US this time, they will turn our soil into Torabora.

    US’s rejection of Pakistan’s demand to vacate Shamsi air base should be construed as an occupation: Ausaf

    Editorial, July 2, 2011
    The Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial writes that “renowned news agency Reuters have reported that the US forces have not vacated Shamsi Air base. Pakistani defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar has also demanded two days back that the US should vacate the Shamsi air base.” The daily in its analysis writes that “it is clear that the Shamsi air base is being used by the US troops. Since the US has rejected Pakistan’s demand to vacate it then it should be construed as an occupation. If the situation has reached up to this point then we should understand that another East India Company has entered into our country.”

    MQM withdrawal from ruling coalition would lead to realignment of opposition in Pakistan: Agha Masood Hassan

    Jang, Opinion Column, July 3, 2011
    Another issue that dominated this week in Pakistan’s Urdu press was MQM’s decision to withdraw from the PPP led coalition. Columnist Agha Masood Hassan writes that “ this important decision by MQM will give heavy jolt to Zardari’s ‘reconciliation’ policy and it would be difficult for the government to work in future.” Hassan writes that this time MQM has decided to sit on the opposition benches. Though, the MQM had withdrawn support from the government in the previous occasions also, this time the situation has reached to the point where there is no chance of any reconciliation between the two parties. In the changed scenario only the PML (Q) would remain with the PPP and has saved the political demise of the PPP from the government. With the withdrawal of MQM from the coalition Zaradari would become politically isolated. In the past he had been playing Sindh card to take MQM on board but now he can no more play Sindh card.
    In the changed political scenario, it is likely that MQM joins the Muslim League ( N) and another smaller parties to form a formidable opposition in Pakistan.