Pakistan Urdu Press: June 13-19, 2011
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  • Nawaz Sharif should tell the nation what was Vajpayee’s formula for resolving Kashmir issue: Nawa-e- Waqt

    Editorial, June 18, 2011
    Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu daily in its recent editorial has quoted Nwaz Sharif as saying that “ Kashmir issue could have been resolved in 1999 had there been no coup” by Pakistani military that year. The daily says that Pakistan’s former Prime Minister made this statement in Kotli while addressing a rally there. He said that “some conspirators in military foiled the attempt of resolving the Kashmir issue by instantiating Kargil war.” The daily also quotes Nawaz Sharif as saying that “when Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee visited Lahore he made the wish to declare 1999 a year of freedom for Kashmir and he appreciated his attitude.”

    The daily criticizes Sharif for his “love for Vajpayee with which he lived for 13 years” and questions that the people of Pakistan wants to ask from Nawaz Sharif that what were the “conditions that Vajpayee presented before him” for resolving the Kashmir issue. What was Vajpayee’s agenda on Kashmir? Whether he wanted to resolve the issue based on UN resolutions or he had his own agenda for Kashmir and whether he wanted to convince Pakistan to accept Kashmir as India’s integral part?

    The daily further writes that the statement by Sharif was “an imaginary story which does not match with the reality” since India has not changed its attitude on Kashmir. The daily says that “if Mian Nawaz Sharif has raised the Vajpayee’s formula presented to him 13 years ago, he should reveal all the facts to the nation.”

    Pakistanis shifting their investment to Malaysia and Bangladehs: Ausaf

    Editorial, June 17, 2011
    The Ausaf Urdu daily has written editorial on the issue of “capital drain” from Pakistan to Malaysia and Bangladesh. The daily quotes Malaysian Consul General at Karachi as saying that “because of the (security) situation in Karachi the traders of Karachi have shifted their investment from Karachi to Malaysian cities as a substitute.” The daily has sited different reasons behind Pakistani capital drain including “deteriorating security situation in Pakistan”, “high tariff on electricity and high oil price”, and “political instability in Pakistan.”

    As regards Pakistani investment in Bangladesh, the daily says that “40 years before Bangladeshis were laughed at saying that they neither know trade nor they are capable of doing any job. Today Bangladeshi’s are better than us and also Pakistani investors are giving priority to Bangladesh over Pakistan.” This is because they have a democracy and the democratic government has delivered. “But we have been unfortunate as we always got a weak and half democracy. And that too for the period in which the tired military leaders could get their breath back. Once they get their breath back they enforce martial law and thus people become foot balls. Some times they are kicked by military boots and some time the politicians hit them. Who will invest in Pakistan in this situation,” asks the daily in its concluding remarks.

    Announcement of Terrorism Victims’ Fund a welcome step but ensure transparency: Jang

    Editorial, June 16, 2011.
    Commenting on Pakistani Prime Minister’s announcement to create a fund for helping the families who have been affected from terrorism, the Jang Urdu daily writes that this is a welcome step considering the fact that the victims of terrorism has been facing severe problems. The situations of those families have been worst where breadwinner have fallen victim of terrorism or have been severely injured. The daily says that “this is not clear how the fund would be instituted and from where the resource will come and whether the victim’s family will get one time assistance or there would be sustain efforts to resolve their problem.” The daily adds that “from the statement of Prime Minister it seems that the fund will come from the donation of philanthropists. There is no doubt that there are generous people within Pakistan and outside Pakistan who are ready to help the victims of terrorism. But unfortunately because of embezzlement of donation from sent during the earthquake and floods in Pakistan the image of our ruler has become such that no body has faith in them.” The daily in this context suggests to form an institution consisting of honest and reliable people to ensure transparency in fund’s disbursal.