Pakistan Urdu Press: August 3-9, 2010
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  • Ausaf, editorial, August 07, 2010

    Karachi’s situation demands a military operation: Ausaf

    Pakistani Urdu media have opened up a debate following bloodshed and violence in Karachi in which more than one hundred people were killed. One of them even demanded military operation to clean up the mafias. Commenting on the violence and target killings in Pakistan’s largest trading city, the Ausaf Urdu Daily writes, “Karachi’s situation demands that the responsibility of law enforcement and security should be handed over to the military as police and rangers have failed to control the situation.” The Daily also argues that ‘the bloodshed in Qaed-e- Azam’s city will continue until a major military operation is launched. Karachi has been victim of gun fightings between various armed groups which enjoy the support of political parties. These groups have grown stronger over the years and have taken the shape of devils and the devils need not be reared but should be gun downed.”

    The Daily also adds, “Karachi awaits a Naseerullah Baber and only the federal government could give that.” The Daily says that the military will succeed only when “…it is given power to march out on each streets of Karachi and pull out all the terrorists from there. The operation there should continue till the last terrorist is captured dead or alive.”

    Azkar, editorial, August 06, 2010

    Complete political change will ensure peace in Karachi: Azkar

    Yet another Urdu Daily- Azkar, argues for government intervention to flush out mafias from the city. The Azkar Urdu Daily says, “Politics of arms has been promoted by mafias and in present days, the mafias enjoy complete monopoly on Karachi’s politics.” Therefore, it argues, “The responsibilities lie on the political leadership to take correct steps to rid Karachi’s politics form mafias.” It also suggests the government to clean up the politics from the influence of arms and take steps to promote “ideology based politics instead of ethnic and linguistic politics.”

    “There is no doubt that Karachi has been a hub of workers, but to weaken their power some of the state machineries, for the last three decades, are instigating ethnic and linguistic sentiments as a result of which killing of various trade union leaders and workers took place. Heinous crimes like these continue unabated,” says the Daily. The ruling class is wary of the fact that if the lawlessness ends and if politics is separated from arms then the workers will start regrouping to achieve their rights and power and will try to change the system through political assertion which is not acceptable to the ruling elites. Thus, the politics of violence will continue in Karachi till the masses do not reject the ruling class. Therefore, Karachi’s peace is dependent on a complete political change,” writes the left leaning Daily.

    Nawa-e- Waqt, editorial, August 07, 2010

    No military intervention in Karachi, resolve your political difference: Nawa-e- Waqt

    The Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily, however, is opposed to any military intervention in Karachi. In its editorial it says, “When you call military, it will work on its own rules, which perhaps will not be agreeable to all”. The Daily suggests a democratic solution of the issue. It says, “The leadership of the MQM, ANP and PPP should sit together in Karachi, should resolve their differences first and should warn all those involved to respect the democracy.” The Daily also adds that “…the miscreants involved in violence are playing in the hands of anti-Pakistan elements. They believe neither in Islamic brotherhood nor in democracy.”

    Pakistan Pulse

    An opinion poll by Asas Urdu Daily conducted during the ethnic violence in Karachi suggested that a majority of people supported military intervention in the city.

    Q. Should the Army be called in Karachi? ( Poll Conducted on August 6, 2010)