Pakistan Urdu Press: August 24-30, 2010
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  • Pakistani Urdu media has viewed denial of visa by China to Lt B S Jaswal as China’s expression of solidarity with Kashmiri people and has called for Pakistani leadership to follow a bold policy on Kashmir.

    Chinese decision to deny visa to Indian General Appreciable:

    Editorial, Nawa-e- Waqt, August 29, 2010

    The Nawa-e- waqt Urdu Daily writes in its editorial, “People’s Republic of China has denied the visa to India’s Northern area Zone commander, Lt. Gen. B S Jaswal by saying that Kashmir comes under his command which China considers to be a disputed territory and thus can not issue visa to him.” The Daily writes that China has taken this decision at a time when Indian military is “oppressing Kashmiris”. It says “China is Pakistan’s friend and knows the realities of Kashmir and this decision is therefore a welcome step. It also goes on to add that the Pakistani leadership does not feel shame and therefore it is ignoring the barbarism and oppression against their brethren in India and the occupied Kashmir. They talk of promoting trade with India and advocate for exchange of cultural delegations to promote friendly relations.”

    Chinese denial of Visa to Indian General an expression of solidarity with Kashmiris:

    Editorial, Azkar, August 29, 2010

    Commenting on China’s denial of visa to Gen. B S Jaswal, the Azkar Urdu Daily’s editorial says, “This is interesting to note that despite having a normal diplomatic relations with India, China continues to expose India before the international community. As Pakistani citizen, we feel proud of China being our trusted and tested ally which has always helped us in difficult times. We understand that this decision by China will help project Kashmir issue at the international level. China has provided us a chance to project Kashmir issue at a time when Kashmiri’s struggle for freedom continues with a new zeal.”

    The Daily urges Pakistani leadership to use its diplomacy to “attract international community’s attention and to make it aware why China has some reservations against one of the biggest democracies in the world.” However, the Daily opines that China has not denied visa to the Indian General because of its friendship with Pakistan but “as a part of its Foreign Policy which states that it will express solidarity with the oppressed people of the world and against the officials who have a record of oppression against unarmed people.” In this context, the Daily states, “This act of China should be construed as an expression of solidarity with Kashmiri people, which could be a new ray of hope for them.” Pakistanis view this step by China with appreciation and hope that international community will also take interest to resolve Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiri people, says the Daily.

    China has given signal to the world that China stands behind Kashmiris:

    Editorial, Ausaf, August 29, 2010

    On the same issue, Ausaf Urdu Daily writes in its editorial that “China, by denying visa to Gen. B S Jaswal, has proved that it continues on its principle and it does not compromise on its principle whether someone becomes happy or angry. It has always remained firm on its policy vis-à-vis Indian occupied Kashmir and the policy of stapled visa for Kashmir it has adopted now has made India nervous and New Delhi does not know how to change China’s policy in this regard.”

    The editorial also criticizes Pakistan’s policy towards Kashmir and says, “China’s Kashmir policy is better than that of Pakistan. Pakistan’s policy is ad-hoc and changes with the change of the government.” Appreciating China’s step, it writes that “by denying visa to Indian General who heads northern command, China has given signal to the world that China supports the Kashmiri cause and it not only considers the area a disputed territory but it is also ready to pay price for its stand.”