Pakistan Urdu Press: August 17-23, 2010
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  • Ausaf, editorial, August 20, 2010

    An imminent revolution awaits Pakistan: Ausaf

    For the third consecutive week, flood related issues dominate in Pakistan’s Urdu media. The Ausaf Urdu Daily speculates in its editorial about an imminent people’s revolution in Pakistan. Commenting on government’s decision to raise electricity charges amid the flood in the country, it states, “People came out on streets in Attock, Hazroo, Pindigheb and Kalar Kuhar areas in protest against unannounced hike in electricity charges. The police opened fire, killing two and injuring 12 others.”

    The editorial opines that “what had happened was just a trailer. If millions of people come out on the streets to protests against inflation and price hikes, the police will become a mute spectator and a revolution will follow. Rulers will not be able to do anything if they can not do anything to control people’s ire. This volcano, suppressed for the last 63 years, is ready to erupt.”

    Nawa-e-Waqt, editorial, August 21, 2010

    Non-serious attitude of the government will further increase people’s distrust towards them: Nawa-e-Waqt

    The Nawae-Waqt Urdu Daily reports that in order to ensure transparent disbursal of flood relief, Prime Minister Gilani has constituted ‘National Oversight Disaster Management Council’. The Daily also notes that the Prime Minister has rejected Nawaz Sharif’s proposal of constituting an independent and apolitical commission headed by a retired Chief justice, which he had agreed to initially. The editorial terms the development as “breach of trust”. It also opines that “had Gilani accepted Nawaz Sharif’s proposal, it could have led to national unity” and could have restored people’s faith in government as they are apprehensive of embezzlement of relief funds by politicians. It further adds, “Non-serious attitude of the government will increase people’s anger and distrust towards them and (as a consequence) the flood victims of Sakkhar will move to Karachi and those from Muzaffargarh will march to Lahore and will shake the seats of power”.

    Ausaf, editorial, August 23, 2010

    If martial law is enforced now, middle class of this country will wholly support it: Ausaf

    Amid the flood and its aftereffects, MQM leader Altaf Hussein has called for a military intervention and imposition of Martial Law in the country. The Ausaf Urdu Daily and Khabrein Urdu Daily have supported his call. Supporting Altaf’s call, the Ausaf Urdu Daily’s editorial writes, “During the last two and half years, the politicians have pushed the country into darkness and the people have lost their zeal to life.” The Daily also adds, “It can be said with certainty that if martial law is enforced now, middle class of this country will completely support it as they have tried all kinds of politicians and now they have strong revulsion against this political system.”

    The Daily opines, “We do not know how the military responds to his appeal…. But if we have to save the country we would need to take important decision without any delay.” It also suggests Altaf to withdraw MQM’s support from the government which would lead to its fall and says “If he thinks that in the event of its withdrawal, the PML(N) would lend its support to PPP and save the government so be it. The MQM’s name would be marked in the history for its farsightedness to understand the crisis in the country.” The Daily also asks him to channelise the anger of middle class against landlords and corrupt politicians of the country.

    Khabrein, editorial, August 23, 2010

    Altaf’s concerns appreciable, but he should change the system being part of democracy: Khabrein

    Editorial of the Khabrein Urdu Daily, while agreeing with his call, urges Altaf to show restraint. It says, “Altaf Hussein’s emotions are appreciable. Probably he has expressed his severe concern so openly for the first time, but he should consider that the situation cannot be changed merely through statement. For this practical steps are needed.” The Daily urges him to tell his people to vote for honest and sincere politicians. “Though, Altaf Hussein’s fame is limited to Karachi, Hyderabad and some areas of Sindh, a political change in the area will have a wider impact on country’s political system”. He should not talk of a martial law for now and should try to change the politics by being the part of democracy, says the Daily.

    Pakistan Pulse

    Situation in Pakistan does not warrant martial law: Opinion Poll

    Contrary to Altaf Hussein’s call for a martial law and support from various Urdu Dailies for the same, the Public opinion does not favour a martial law in Pakistan, reveals an opinion Poll by Asas Urdu Daily. In an opinion poll, it asked its readers whether the country needs a martial law. A majority of them responded in “No”.

    Q. Whether Country’s situation warrants martial law? (Poll Conducted on 24 August 2010)

    In yet another poll, the Daily tried to assess people’s perceptions about India’s relief assistance offered to Pakistan. A majority of them responded that Pakistan should not accept it.

    Q Should Pakistani government accept India’s relief assistance? (Poll Conducted on 21 August 2010)