Pakistan Urdu Press: August 1-7, 2011
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  • Saraeki movement is gaining ground: Ausaf

    Editorial, August 06, 2011

    The debate over the issue of creation of a new state within Punjab has found enough coverage in Pakistani Urdu media. The Ausaf Urdu daily in its editorial on this issue writes that “ Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Geelani has said that consultations among the political parties and groups continue over the division of Punjab… A unanimous decision on the issue would be taken after the consultation with the representatives of Bahawalpur and Multan.”

    The Ausaf observes that “the demand of creation of a Saraeki state is very long. But the new generation of Sarekis is more vibrant on this issue than its earlier generations. Once Taj Muhammad Langah was the leader of Saraekistan movement, but he always forfeited his deposits in the assembly elections. Now the time has changed. The communication has become faster. From Multan to Dera Ismail Khan the Sareiki youth are sending messages to each other on their mobiles to stand up for the demand of Sarekistan.”

    The Daily writes that “the Sareki belt is very wide. Its starts from the border of Sindh and from Sadiq abad, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan it goes to Kot Adoo, Laiyya, Bhakkhar, Darya Khan, Miyanwali and Dera Ismail Khan. In these belts there are many cities. If we count those cities here, the editorial would end on counting the cities. So in short we must say that South Punjab is a self made state in itself. However, the demand of Bahawalpur may become an obstruction in making the dream true of a Sareki state as people of Bahawalpur have already launched a campaign to make Bahawalpur a new state within Punjab.”

    “There is no doubt that if People Party succeeds in creating a Saraeki state, then it will make a clean sweep in the state and PML ( N) would loose its strength. Threfore, there are chances that the forces against the creation of a Sarekistan become active and creation of a new state in Punjab could not be realized,” opines Ausaf.

    The daily also speculates that creation of Saraekistan may open up demands of creation of states in another provinces of Pakistan. The daily writes: “If Punjab is divided, the movement of a Hazara province. Pashtoon Belt will also demand of a new province in Balochistan and that would lead to bifurcation of the provinces in Pakistan.”

    In the conclusion, the editorial opines that “ we understand that issue of Sareakistan needs a longer consultations among the all stake holders otherwise it will open a new Pandoras Box which will create new problems.”

    Creation of new province will affect national integration and collectivism: Nawa-e- Waqt

    Editorial, August 07, 2011

    The Nawa-e- Waqt Urdu Daily commenting on the issue of creation of a Saraeki province by bifurcating Punjab writes that “the creation of a new province will open up a new Pandoras box and will create new problems. Every body will demand a new state based on his language and thus it will affect nation’s integration and collectivism.” Pakistan will turn into “Subistan”.
    The daily further writes that “if poverty and under development is the basis of creation of a new province then the situation remains the same in entire Pakistan. Why those who shed tears of underdevelopment of Southern Punjab forget the fact that in every government there had been speakers of the assembly, governor or chief minister from this region. Now the Prime Minister of Pakistan is from the region. If he is really sincere in ending the poverty and under-development from the region, they should focus on the region.”

    In the conclusiom the daily warns that “ if the government raises the issue of creation of more provinces then there would be demands for creation of Hyderabad, Hazara, Pothohar, Koh-e- Namak and in Balochistan there would be demands of Pashtunistan and Abadkaristan, which would be difficult to suppress.

    The government should take immediate steps to address pressing issues than to creation of new province: Jang

    Editorial, August 06, 2011

    The Jang Urdu daily also criticizes government’s stand to create a new province in Punjab. The daily writes that “ if President Zardari supports the creation of new province, it is a different issue. But we should understand that he is not authorized ( constitutionally) to announce the creation of a new province” The daily writes that the government should take immediate steps to control the inflation, load shedding and other pressing issues instead of raking up the issue of creation of new province in southern Punjab.