Pakistan Urdu Press: April 15-30, 2013
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  • Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff’s speech at Kakol’s military academy in which he argued that Islam is a uniting factor of Pakistan and thus inseparable from Pakistan has been welcomed by the Urdu papers. They see it in the context of the Ideology of Pakistan debate that had cropped up during the general elections.

    General Kayani has sent a message to the elements that want to demolish Pakistan’s uniting factor: Jang

    Editorial, April 22, 2013
    Commenting on this issue, the Jang Urdu Daily writes that “During the speech General Kayani made it explicitly clear that ‘Pakistan has been created in the name of Islam and only Islam is the uniting force for the country’”. The Daily adds that “General Kayani stated that neither Islam can be expunged from Pakistan nor Pakistan can be separated from Islam.”

    It opines, “This statement of the Army Chief is very important as he made it clear that the Pakistani military is with those people of the country who strive to make Pakistan a real Islamic democratic welfare state.” The Daily further opines that while making it clear that Islam is inseparable from Pakistan, he sent a message to those who want to eliminate “Pakistan’s basic identity” and the “uniting factor” of the country.

    In its concluding remarks, the Daily states that “There is no doubt that alongside judiciary and people, the military leadership today has played an important role for strengthening democracy in Pakistan.” “Unlike in the past, the present military leadership did not try to dethrone an elected government. Now it is fully cooperating to take the political and democratic process forward. This attitude by the military leadership has once again strengthening love and honour among the people towards the military”, notes the editorial.

    Army Chief has shown the path that will lead us to the destination identified by founders of Pakistan: Nawa-e-Waqt

    Editorial, April 22, 2013
    Commenting on the General Kayani’s speech the Nawa-e-Waqt Urdu Daily writes, “By calling Islam and Pakistan as inseparable, General Kayani has expressed the desire that Pakistan should be made a welfare state according to the dreams of Iqbal and Qaed (Mohammad Ali Jinnah).”

    The editorial opines, “The responsibility of achieving this dream (making Pakistan a welfare state) lies with the rulers and political parties, especially the founder party of Pakistan, the Muslim League. Muslim League should have made it its mission to make Pakistan an Islamic democratic welfare state that is strong and stable. However, unfortunately it not only has derailed from the path guided by founders of Pakistan but also made the philosophy of Ideology of Pakistan an issue of history.”

    It further states that Pakistan faces lots of challenges including injustice, hunger, poverty, restive Balochistan and Karachi. Resolution of these issues can be found in Ideology of Pakistan which aimed at making Pakistan a welfare state. In this context, the people of Pakistan also face a test in the upcoming general elections. It remains to be seen whether the people elect representatives who wants to run Pakistan according to guidance provided by founder of Pakistan or give a mandate to the misguided people who want to create a secular Pakistan. The editorial concludes that whatever be the situation (after elections), Army Chief has shown the nation a clear path that will lead Pakistan to the destination identified its founders.

    Pakistani military has to fight at geographical as well as Ideological fronts: Ummat

    Editorial, April 22, 2013
    On the same issue, the Ummat Urdu Daily writes that “by reiterating the identity of Pakistan, Kayani has reignited faith of nationalists in the country. It finds the speech by General Kayani “very encouraging” but also feels that it should not be limited to words alone. “Efforts should be made to fight both internal and external challenges that the nation faces today. The military has to fight at geographical as well ideological fronts”, the Daily opines in its concluding remark.