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  • Saurabh Mishra

    Research Assistant
    +91 11 2671 7983
    Archive data: Person was Research Assistant at IDSA

    Saurabh Mishra is a Research Assistant at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses since February 2011. He has done his Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, on “Globalisation and Transnational Conflict: In the Context of Expansion and Cultural Homogeneity”. He earned his Masters and Undergraduate degrees from the same university in 2006 and 2004, respectively. He received the Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the University Grants Commission (India) in 2008. His areas of interests are Globalisation, Peace and Conflict, International Institutions, Indian Foreign Policy, and International Relations Theory. At IDSA, he has worked primarily on India and United Nations, and issues regarding Africa. He is associated with the Indigenous Historical Knowledge Project at the institute, and has co-edited three volumes on “Kautilya and His Vocabulary”. He is also a co-editor and contributor to thebook titled “The Arthasastra in a Transcultural Perspective: Comparing Kautilya with Sun-Zi, Nizam al-Mulk, Barani and Machiavelli, a product of a collaborative project between IDSA, Heidelberg University and National University of Singapore. He has written articles and commentaries regarding India’s voting behaviour in the UN Security Council, the Kenyan case in the International Criminal Court (ICC), UN-AU cooperation, etc.

    Publications at IDSA