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  • Cherian Samuel

    Research Fellow (SS)
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Cherian Samuel is Research Fellow in the Strategic Technologies Centre at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. He has written on various cyber security issues, including critical infrastructure protection, cyber resilience, cybercrime, and internet governance. His recent publications include:Securing Cyberspace: International and Asian Perspectives, Cherian Samuel and Munish Sharma, eds., Pentagon Press, 2016; "India’s International Cybersecurity Strategy," in Cybersecurity: Some Critical Insights and Perspectives,Damien D. Cheong ed., S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore (January 2015);“Net-Centric Defence Forces: A Macro View,”DSA Magazine, July 2014;“Cyber security and National Development,”CASS Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3, July–September 2014;“Cybersecurity and Cyberwar,”Seminar, October 2013;“Prospects for India-US Cyber Security Cooperation,”Strategic Analysis, Volume 31, Issue 2, September 2011. His monograph Global, Regional and Domestic Dynamics of Cybersecurity was published in December 2014. He was co-ordinator of the IDSA Task Force on Cyber Security, which published a report titled "India's Cyber Security Challenges" in March 2012.

    Other Publications

    Select Publications

    • The ‘natural-born citizen’ clause is an anomaly in a nation that prides itself as a nation of immigrants.

      May 31, 2024
      IDSA Comments
    • Successful implementation of the Reciprocal Defense Procurement Agreement (RDPA) will require a deep understanding of the nuances and requirements of both the US and Indian defence procurement systems.

      May 17, 2024
      IDSA Comments
    • Like-minded countries need to cooperate more closely to shield critical infrastructure and prevent systemic disruptions.

      January 04, 2024
      IDSA Comments
    • There is now a forward-looking embrace of science and technology cooperation in India–US relations.

      November 30, 2023
      IDSA Comments
    • There is a need to formulate a national strategy to tackle ransomware threat as this cybercrime affects governments, businesses and individuals.

      October 20, 2023
      IDSA Comments
    • The Russia–Ukraine cyberwar has upended a number of existing preconceptions about cyber conflict in an active war.

      February 03, 2023
      IDSA Comments
    • Militaries are the sword arm of the state, entrusted with defending the state against all threats that would harm its interests. These threats are increasingly emanating from cyberspace and militaries around the world are being called upon formally to undertake responsibility for defending against threats from this domain in addition to the existing physical domains of land, sea, air and space. The unique nature of this domain has required some restructuring on the part of the military.

      Journal of Defence Studies
    • Cyberconflict in Ukraine has become normalised in that it is focused, there is no lasting damage, and it effectively conveys a sense of helplessness to the affected government and population. At the same time, it signals to other governments that they are not impervious to such attacks.

      February 23, 2022
      IDSA Comments
    • The monograph looks at how major powers have tried to pursue three objectives in cyberspace, viz. (1) strengthening or enhancing national cyber defences, and (2) striving to shape the international cyber environment by leveraging economic and technological capabilities, and (3) through defining and evangelising international cyber norms. A section on the cybersecurity preparedness of the countries of the South Asian region is incorporated to highlight those vulnerabilities and deficient capacities and capabilities that give the major powers a foothold to pursue their objectives.

    • US has undertaken a number of initiatives on cybersecurity, specifically ransomware, one of them being the Counter-Ransomware Initiative Meeting held in October 2021. Whether this attempt by the US to mobilise a larger group of countries to discuss ransomware will lead to real outcomes, or is just meant to endorse its actions, remains to be seen.

      October 22, 2021
      IDSA Comments