Richard Bonney, Tridivesh Singh Maini and Tahir Malik (Eds.), Warriors after War: Indian and Pakistani Retired Military Leaders Reflect on Relations between the Two Countries, Past, Present and Future

Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastav is Research Assistant at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile
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  • October 2011
    Book Review

    This is an interesting book which offers views, insights and analyses of the relations between India and Pakistan through the interviews with top 26 ex-military officials from both the nations. These officers from both the sides held important positions and provided crucial leadership to their respective militaries in the years after the birth of two nations in 1947. The book attempts to explore whether sustainable peace is possible between both the nations and what are the prospects for the resolution of all outstanding issues between the two nations including the Kashmir dispute. It also explores whether the nature of conflict between India and Pakistan has changed ever since both the sides acquired nuclear weapons. An analysis of views expressed by ex-officials from both the sides reflects the deep differences and the prejudices that exist between India and Pakistan. However, there are some interviewees’ who are optimistic about the future; however such voices are in minority. It must be admitted that ex-officials from both sides share fascinating anecdotes, experiences and observations on India-Pakistan relations which make this book an excellent to read. Richard Bonney who is one of the three editors of the book, has written a brilliant introduction and conclusion.

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