A Study on Measuring the Index of Technologies (Smart and Conventional)

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  • April-June 2023

    Humans have been developing technologies that make living easier and open unimaginable horizons. Scholars have been combining technologies to innovate and evolve newer concepts. The evolution of smart devices has led to the concept of creating smart cities. Several nations intend to develop a smart technology ecosystem for ease of governance, economic growth, and comfort of their citizens. The not-so-nascent concept of a smart city requires a scale to measure the levels of technology in the system. The study aims to propose a framework or model to measure the technology index available in areas of interest. There are several instruments available, but most of them require specialised training to use. The proposed tool is a simple device that can be used with basic knowledge of the concept and handling of data. The tool aims to facilitate technology assessment and planning acquisition of deficient or new technologies. While doing so, the study examines the concepts of human settlements, technologies, and the evolution of smart technology and briefly touches upon the concept of the administrative divisions of a nation, with particular emphasis on India. The article outlines a model framework for measuring the technology index based on the levels of administrative divisions amalgamated with the hierarchy of settlements. The article concludes by describing the results of a test case scenario applied to the proposed indexing technologies model.

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