Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 16, No. 3, July-September 2022
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    Multidimensional Peacekeeping: Protection Mandate and Recalibration of the UN Military Peacekeepers
    - Kulwant Kumar Sharma

    UN Peacekeeping and Ambiguity in Normative UN Norms
    - A.K. Bardalai

    Contemporary Technology in Peacekeeping Operations
    - Swaim Prakash Singh

    UN Peacekeeping in Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2003–2010: An Operational Perspective for Air Power Employment
    - Rajesh Isser

    UN Peacekeeping Operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Lessons Learnt and the Future of UN Peacekeeping
    - Chander Prakash

    Four Decades of UNIFIL: Mandates, Contributions and Challenges
    - Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

    India–US Peacekeeping Cooperation
    - Saroj Bishoyi

    Conduct and Discipline in United Nations Peace Operations and India’s Perspective
    - V. Vidyashankar

    Bangladeshi Women in UN Peacekeeping: A Case Study
    - Anand Kumar

    Nation-building: A Case for Armed Forces in Post-conflict Peacebuilding
    - Amitabh Hoskote

    Uniformed Women in UN Peacekeeping Operations: An Assessment of India’s Contribution
    - Yeshi Choedon

    Peacekeeping Operations by United Nations in Partnership with a Sub-regional Organisation: Experiment in Liberia 1993–98
    - Mandeep Singh


    India’s Contribution to Peacekeeping
    - P.K. Chakravorty

    War and Peace: Chinese Blue Helmets for National Interests?: South Sudan as a Case Study
    - Govindan Praveen

    India’s Role in UN Peacekeeping Operations
    - Vijay Yeshvant Gidh

    Understanding the Perspective of Women in UN Peacekeeping Missions
    - Pintu Kumar Mahla

    Indian Women in Blue Helmets: Professionalism in Peacekeeping
    - Ingudam Yaipharemba Singh

    India’s Contribution towards Technological Development of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
    - Rajeev Yadav


    Peacekeeping in Lebanon: Reminiscences of the First Indian Battalion Group Commander
    - Guru Saday Batabyal

    Book Review

    Regulating the Use of Force by United Nations Peace Support Operations: Balancing Promises and Outcomes by Charuka Ekanayake
    - R. Vignesh

    Special Section: India and UN Peacekeeping—An Appraisal
    Introduction to the Special Section

    An Analysis of the Future of United Nations Peacekeeping and India’s Continued Participation
    - Satish Nambiar

    India and the United Nations: Past and Future
    - Vijay K. Nambiar

    An Appraisal of the UN and Its Peacekeeping Structure
    - Mono Bhagat

    Against All Odds: The Forgotten Tales of Independent India’s Tryst with Peacekeeping
    - D.P.K. Pillay

    Technology as a Force Multiplier in Contemporary UN PKO
    - J.S. Lidder

    Assessment of India’s UN Missions and Impact on Host Nations
    - M.A.J. Fernandez

    An Experience in Military Leadership as a Sector Commander in UN Mission in South Sudan
    - K.S. Brar

    Air Power in UN Peacekeeping
    - Manmohan Bahadur

    India and UN Peacekeeping in Africa: An Assessment
    - Ruchita Beri

    Technology and Peacekeeping: Can India Become a Technology-Contributing Country
    - Rajeesh Kumar

    Guidelines for Contributors