Table 4: Vertical Launch Systems (under making)
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  • Programme Operator Payload Capacity Mass(Kg) Launch/Proposed Launch Technology Remarks
    Alpha FireFly 400 kg 2017 2 stage liquid propellant engine Made with light weight composite carbon material,

    low cost fuel like kerosene/methane
    Electron Rocket Lab 150 kg 2016 2 stage liquid propellant system Launch frequency is around 1 launch per week.

    The first oxygen/hydrocarbon engine to use 3D printing for all primary components.
    Soldier-Warfighter Operationally Responsive Deployer for Space U.S. Army Space & Missile DefenceCommand 30 kg -50 kg 3 stage Solid/liquid Propellant system Cost US$ 1.5 million per vehicle.
    Nanosat capabilities designed to be directly employed by small unit forces
    Portable ground processing and launch operations
    • Capable of flying from any coastal site
    • Capable of operating from austere locations Rapid response time
    • Ready to fly within 24 hours from garrison storage
    • Ready to fly within four hours from standby pad