Amendments to DPP-2011: An Analytical Overview

On April 20th, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) of the Ministry of Defence announced 15 major amendments to the defence procurement and production policies, with the hope to incentivise indigenous defence manufacturing while promoting transparency and efficiency in the procurement process.

May 06, 2013

Examining the Prospects of South Korea “Going Nuclear”

In the aftermath of recent North Korean actions and threats, there has been in recent times some open debates and discussions about the prospects of South Korea “going nuclear” i.e. developing its own nuclear weapons. This brief argues that short of abrogating all its bilateral and multilateral treaties and obligations with heavy costs, the prospects of it doing so in the short/medium term are not that easy and may not be cost effective.

May 01, 2013

China-Russia Relations: Bonding but Can it Endure?

This issue brief looks at the growing China-Russia relationship in the backdrop of a volatile North East Asia and the US ‘rebalancing’ to Asia –Pacific. While China-Russia relations have not always been cordial, this time it’s a win-win for both-at least for the present.

April 18, 2013

Tibetans in China: Making Sense of a Visit and Five Appointments

The Tibetan issue is primarily a political one and less an economic one as China projects it to be. China should talk to the Tibetan diaspora and India for a final solution. That would be in the true interests of the peoples, bilateral relations and regional stability.

March 26, 2013

Addressing Pakistan’s Atomisation

Nuclear force development is at present an attractive means for Pakistan to attract international political and financial assistance, while salving the paranoias of its security establishment. Improvement in the state-society relationship could reduce the domestic appeal of endless nuclear expansion as other, more sustainable, resources become available to the state for building economic growth and security.

March 08, 2013

India’s Two Years at the Horse-Shoe Table

Though its goal of securing a permanent seat in the Council during the 2011-12 term was ambitious, the efforts that it put in over the last two years were steered in that direction and have yielded favourable results.

March 08, 2013

Shruti and Smriti: Some Issues in the Re-emergence of Indian Traditional Knowledge

Both think tanks and universities need to attempt to study traditional knowledge (much of which lies in religious text of many traditions). Rich methodological traditions exist in ancient literature and they need wider study.

February 12, 2013

Will Netanyahu’s Return Lead to Increased Israeli Isolation?

Going by Netanyahu’s present term, the return of a stronger Right Wing coalition may lead to increased friction in the region and increased Israeli isolation as well.

January 19, 2013

Assessing Pakistan’s Transgression on the Line of Control

The declining domestic standing of the Pakistan Army is likely to be bolstered through military tensions on the LoC, social upheaval in Jammu & Kashmir and religious hysteria within Pakistan as a prelude to adopting a more proactive role in Kashmir.

January 16, 2013

The UN Internal Review Panel Report and Sri Lanka’s Urgent Need for Accountability

With the release of the United Nations Internal Review Panel Report in November 2012, the deteriorating human rights situation in Sri Lanka has once again captured the attention of the world.

January 09, 2013