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Baghdad assassination and unfolding Iran-US crisis in Iraq

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  • January 11, 2020

    Research Analyst, IDSA Ms. Nagapushpa Devendra’s article on US-Iran tensions, titled ‘Baghdad assassination and unfolding Iran-US crisis in Iraq’ has been published in ‘The Kootneeti’ on January 11, 2020.

    The Trump administration is claiming victory for the American military might in Baghdad. But, it is noteworthy that Suleimani and Muhandis were not hiding like Osama Bin Laden or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They were top-most influential military leaders in the region, who fought to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq-Syria while becoming the forerunners of anti-US movement in the region. By striking them down, the US has certainly pushed the region into the vicious cycle of violence and disharmony, writes Ms. Devendra.

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