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Panel Discussion Webinar on Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan and Approaches of Regional Countries

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  • August 31, 2021
    Only by Invitation
    1000 hrs

    The discussion will focus on developments in Afghanistan and the evolving situation as also brainstorm the approaches of regional countries


    1000-1005 hrs:

    Introductory Remarks by DG, MP-IDSA

    1005-1020 hrs:

    Shri Vishal Chandra, Research Fellow: Recent Developments in Afghanistan

    1020-1035 hrs:

    Amb Rakesh Sood: Taliban 2.0

    1035-1050 hrs:

    Amb P.S.Raghvan: Understanding Russia’s Approach to Taliban

    1050-1105 hrs:

    Prof K.P.Vijayalakshmi: US and Taliban

    1105-1110 hrs:

    Dr Ashok K Behuria: Pakistan and Taliban

    1110-1115 hrs:

    Dr Muddassir Quamar: Turkey and Iran’s Approach to Taliban

    1115-1120 hrs:

    Dr Jaganath P Panda: China’s Approach to Taliban

    1120-1125 hrs:

    Dr Prashant K Pradhan: GCC and Taliban

    1125-1145 hrs:

    Q & A Session