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National Strategy Lecture - Unraveling the Mind of China

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  • May 02, 2011
    Speeches and Lectures
    Open for all
    1430 hrs

    A view on what makes China tick, seen from a psycholinguistic perspective, drawing inferences for China, India and the world at large

    1. Why Understanding China is important

    China is an emerging 21st century superpower; India is some way behind.

    China and India are not engaging each other’s strengths to mutual advantage, though the rest of the world is. Reason: no knowledge of each other, suspicion, old stereotypes.

    2. How to understand China--a psychosocial model

    The role of Chinese linguistic and psycho-cultural heritage in the formation of China’s mind-set and development path, to address questions such as:

    Do Chinese think differently from Indians, and if so how and why? Why do they excel in infrastructure and manufacturing? Will China ever be a democracy? Either way, what are the implications for India? Cooperation & competition, partnership and rivalry. China’s conception of herself and the world.

    3. Implications

    Learnings for each country—sectoral and other strengths

    Vistas for Sino-Indian business relations: partnership, development, competition

    Speculations: China & India in Asia of the future… The world in a Pax Sino-Indica?

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