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  • India’s Strategic Options in a Changing Cyberspace

    Pentagon Press
    ISBN: 978-93-86618-66-5
    Price: ₹.746/-
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    About the Book

    The book is structured to perform a role both as a primer to those who wish to understand the strategic issues and key concepts in cyberspace, as well as to provide sufficient pointers to those who wish to have an in-depth understanding on specific issues.

    Among the major issues examined are the efficacy of the concept of cyber deterrence, the troubled history of norm-making in cyberspace, protecting critical infrastructure from crippling cyber attacks, the viability of Active Cyber Defence as a means of responding to the sheer scale of attacks, and its attendant legal and ethical issues. Emerging technologies and their potential impact on an already dynamic domain are also the subject to scrutiny, as also the various models of public-Private Partnership in cybersecurity around the world.

    About the Authors

    Dr. Cherian Samuel is Research Fellow in the Strategic Technologies Centre at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. He has written on various cybersecurity issues, including critical infrastructure protection, cyber resilience, cyber crime, and internet governance.

    Munish Sharma is Consultant in the Strategic Technologies Centre at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. His research interest include cybersecurity, critical information infrastructure protection, space security and geopolitical aspects of emerging technologies.



    1. Concepts and Definitions
    2. Cyber Deterrence: The Emerging Landscape
    3. The Geopolitics of Norms Building in Cyberspace
    4. Active Cyber Defence: An Analysis
    5. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: National Practices and Perspectives
    6. India’s Technology Challenges: Encryption, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence
    7. Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity: Opportunities and Challenges1438.India’s Strategic Options in a Changing Cyberspace



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