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  • East Asia Strategic Review: China’s Rising Strategic Ambitions in Asia

    Pentagon Press
    ISBN: 978-93-86618-65-8
    Price: ₹.1295/-
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    About the Book

    The East Asia Strategic Review is the publication form the East Asia Centre, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. The volume entitled, China's Rising Strategic Ambitions in Asia is intended to bring out Indian perspectives on the growing influence of China in Asia. These perspectives are particularly seen in the light of expanding Chinese political and economic engagement in Asia. As a major country in Asia, the Indian perspectives contribute the necessary input towards the ongoing debate on the Chinese role.


    1. Emerging Foreign Policy Trends Under Xi Jinping
    - Abanti Bhattacharya

    2.China’s Japan Challenge: Regional Ambitions and Geopoliticsof East Asia
    -Amrita Jash

    3.Resurfacing of Divergence in India-China Relations
    Prashant Kumar Singh

    4.The One Belt One Road as a Chinese Vision of RegionalEconomic Order
    - Saheli Chattaraj

    5.South China Sea Conundrum - plus ça change
    - Abhay Kumar Singh

    6.Chinese Ambitions in the Indian Ocean Region
    - Adarsha Verma

    7.Response of India’s Neighbours to China’s South Asia Policy
    - Smruti S Pattanaik

    8.Southeast Asian Views on China: Paradoxes and Prospects
    - Sampa Kundu

    9.West Asia in China’s Energy Policy
    - Vrushal T. Ghoble

    10.China-Central Asia Relations: Centrality of the ShanghaiCooperation Organisation
    - Sana Hashmi

    11.Chinese Perspectives on the US Alliances in East Asia:A New Type of Great Power Folly?
    - Swati Arun

    12.China’s Maritime Goals: Impact on Asia
    - Supriya Sharma

    13.China’s Military Modernisation and Consequences for Asia
    - M.V. Rappai


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