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  • Environmental Security: New Challenges and Role of Military

    Publisher: Shipra Publications
    ISBN 978-81-7541-524-9
    Price: ₹. 495/- Purchase

    About the Book

    Theoretical knowledge, long serving field experience in remote and ecologically fragile areas, a continuous study of environmental literature, effort to come to an understanding of environment security by way of participation in various debase, and field work specific to study ecology, has helped shape this book. The book gives an overview of the Ecological Task Forces and institutions of the army. The Thar desert, Kumaon hills, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and the Northeast have been used as case studies. The aim of this work has been to study and assess the activities being undertaken by the military in ecological conservation. In doing so, fresh insights and perspectives are formed on issues not only of environment but also how people relate their lives to nature in a rapidly urbanizing and industrialising India. In the light of the finding of this research, policy measures on some environmental issues have been suggested which include new role of the military and military-to-military cooperation.

    Besides the defence services, the book will be of use to organs of the government dealing with ecological matters, universities, institutes researching on environmental security, concerned citizens and scholars.

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