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  • Deliberations of a Working Group on Military and Diplomacy

    Deliberations of a Working Group on Military and Diplomacy
    Publisher: Magnum Books Pvt Ltd
    ISBN 978-93-82512-01-1
    Price: ₹. 195/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Report

    The Indian defence establishment is confronted today with what is probably its greatest challenge since Independence. Besides being prepared to wage conventional war on possibly two fronts simultaneously, our Armed Forces need to be geared to undertake this under a nuclear overhang and within a technological environment that encompasses cyber- and space-based threats. At the same time, our forces will continue to be committed in dealing with the proxy war imposed on us, insurgencies and separatist movements, and possibly in due course, with the growing phenomenon of left wing extremism.

    There is therefore an imperative requirement for change that would enable us to adapt to the emerging situation. The archaic organisations and processes put in place on achieving Independence must undergo radical overhaul.



    Section I: Restructuring the Ministry of Defence

    Section II: Deputation of Armed Forces Officers to MEA

    Section III: Pursuance of a Sound Defence Industrial Policy

    Section IV: Defence Cooperation


    Annexure I
    The Military and Diplomacy

    Composition of the Working Group

    Chairman Lt Gen Satish Nambiar (Retd)
    Ambassador Satish Chandra
    Vice Admiral P S Das (Retd)
    Dr Arvind Gupta, DG IDSA
    Air Marshal Satish Inamdar (Retd)
    Lt Gen Prakash Menon (Retd)
    Dr C Raja Mohan
    Shri G K Pillai
    Ambassador Leela Ponappa
    Ambassador Ronen Sen
    Ambassador Rajiv Sikri
    Lt Gen Aditya Singh (Retd)
    Shri Ajay Vikram Singh
    Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi (Retd)
    Brig Rumel Dahiya (Retd)
    Col Vivek Chadha (Retd)
    Dr Anit Mukherjee
    Dr S Kalyanaraman

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