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  • China Yearbook 2014

    China Yearbook 2014
    Publisher: Magnum Books Pvt Ltd
    ISBN 978-93-82512-26-4
    Price: ₹. 995.00 Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Book

    An annual publication from the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), the China Yearbook is a round-up of events and issues of significance that occurred in China during the past year and covers important developments in the domestic and foreign policy spheres.

    The fourth of the series, the 2014 Yearbook comprises twenty-three chapters spanning diverse yet important events that have occurred with regard to China in the year 2014. The chapters are arranged in five sections. The first section reviews internal issues regarding legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, problems and issues faced by Chinese society, issues pertaining to Tibet’s future, and lack of the media freedom in China. The second section reviews China’s relations with the great powers. The third section focuses on China’s participation in the UN and its participation in global governance. The fourth section covers themes and issues of China’s relations with various regions across the globe. The fifth section exclusively spans China’s relations with countries of South Asia.

    The Yearbook seeks to promote a deeper understanding of contemporary issues affecting China and its interactions with India and the region. This publication would be useful to scholars, researchers, journalists, and policy makers who have an interest in China.  

    About the Editor

    Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh is Associate Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. He joined the IDSA in 2009. He follows China’s strategic, military and foreign affairs. Taiwan’s state and society are his special academic interest. He earned his MPhil (2003) and PhD in Chinese Studies from the School of International Studies (SIS), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He obtained a one-year diploma in Mandarin Chinese at Tamkang University, Taipei under the Taiwan government’s National Huayu Enrichment Scholarship 2011-12. He did a semester course in Mandarin Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taipei in 2014. He was a recipient of the Taiwan Fellowship 2014.



      Section I: Internal Issues

    1. 2014: The Year of Questions in China’s Domestic Politics

      Avinash Godbole
    2. Chinese Society in 2014: The Forces of Transformation

      Gunjan Singh
    3. Return of the Iron Fist: Censorship and Control Stifle Chinese Media and the Internet

      Shruti Pandalai
    4. The ‘Tibet Issue’ in 2014 and the Way Forward

      Antara Ghosal Singh
    5. The Developments in the Chinese Armed Forces in 2014

      Naval Jagota
    6. Section II: China and Great Powers

    7. A Partnership of Mutual Expediency: China-Russia Relations in 2014

      M.S. Prathibha
    8. China-Japan Relations: Moving beyond the Impasse
      Titli Basu
    9. Sino-US Relations 2014: Decoding the New Model of Major Country Relations

      Rup Narayan Das
    10. EU-China Relations: An Overview

      Stuti Banerjee
    11. Section III: China and Global Governance

    12. China and the United Nations

      Arpita Anant
    13. Section IV: China and the Regions

    14. Relations between China and the Korean Peninsula in 2014: Dilemma over
      Engagement and Estrangement

      Pranamita Baruah
    15. Maintaining the Status Quo: China in Southeast Asia

      Sampa Kundu
    16. China and West Asia in 2014: Linking Together

      Neha Kohli
    17. Dragon’s Footprints in Africa: Diplomacy and Dilemmas

      Pranav Kumar
    18. China-Australia Relations in 2014: An Assessment

      Rahul Mishra
    19. China’s Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean
      Prashant Kumar Singh
    20. Section V: China and South Asia

    21. India-China Relations: Pointing to a Transitional Course?

      Jagannath Panda
    22. China’s Attitude towards Pakistan

      Sumita Kumar
    23. China-Nepal Relations in 2014

      Nihar R. Nayak
    24. Bhutan-China Review 2014

      Charisma M.S. Kundan
    25. Bangladesh-China Relations in 2014

      Smruti S. Pattanaik
    26. China-Sri Lanka Relations in 2014

      Gulbin Sultana
    27. Maldives-China Relations in 2014

      Anand Kumar
    28. About the Authors

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