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  • A Case for Intelligence Reforms in India

    A Case for Intelligence Reforms in India
    Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
    ISBN 978-93-82169-03-1
    Price: ₹. 250/- Purchase Download E-copy

    About the Report

    The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) Report on Intelligence Reforms in India, advocates a paradigm shift towards holistic modernisation of the current Indian intelligence setup, by bringing in radical changes in the existing intelligence culture.

    The Report looks at the problem in broader terms and studies the functioning of country's intelligence set-up; analyses the factors that impede good intelligence at various stages of collection, initial analysis, inter-agency cooperation and assessments and what can be done to improve assessments and human resources. It also examines the related issue of the necessity for the regular and periodic briefings of the political Executive after they receive the intelligence input in a processed form.



    Executive Summary


    Chapter 1: The Rationale for Intelligence Reforms

    Chapter 2: New challenges of national security management

    Chapter 3: Legal status

    Chapter 4: Recruitment

    Chapter 5: Content of analysis & operations

    Chapter 6: Technology updates

    Chapter 7: Military intelligence needs

    Chapter 8: External intelligence- relations with MEA

    Chapter 9: Coordination of intelligence

    Chapter 10: Accountability


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