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Aakash R. Shekhaliya asked: Why is Russia offering quantum technology to India? Is there any strategic consideration to it?

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  • Munish Sharma replies: The applications of quantum information science are certainly strategic in nature, especially in computing and cryptography. Latest research demonstrates that quantum key distribution can help develop ultra-secure digital communications. Quantum computing can also break the widely used encryption algorithms. As per the Joint Statement issued during the Russian president’s visit to India in October 2018, both the countries agreed to enhance cooperation in technology areas such as Supercomputing, Network Security and Security in the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

    India and Russia have a long-standing partnership for technology exchange especially in defence, nuclear and space sectors spanning over joint research, development, production and academic and scientific exchange. There have been a few news reports of collaboration between India and Russia in the quantum technology space. Rather than looking at strategic considerations of quantum technology in isolation, it should be interlaced with similar efforts in the sunrise sectors of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. It is in line with the commitment of both the countries towards strategic partnership. It can open up avenues for expertise exchange and joint research projects in basic quantum science and information science. It is too early to comment on the success and subsequent strategic aspects of collaboration in advanced quantum information sciences or technology.

    Posted on March 27, 2019