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Sivanandan MS asked: Why do some countries favour nuclear energy, while others do not?

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  • Reshmi Kazi replies:

    Some countries favour nuclear energy due to following reasons:

    • Nuclear energy is a viable, clean and green gas free solution to the ever increasing demand for electricity;
    • It is one of the economically most attractive sources of energy;
    • Its sustainability can be assured for a long period of time;
    • Though the capital and operational cost is high but in the long run the fuel cost is low;
    • Even if the uranium cost from which nuclear fuel is to be produced rises, it will not affect the cost of nuclear energy;
    • Nuclear fuels can be stored for a long period in a compact space; and
    • Nuclear fuel can be transported easily

    If other countries do not favour nuclear energy, it is because of following reasons:

    • There are huge capital and operational costs involved;
    • Nuclear energy generation involves several risks including those of a reactor accident, nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism;
    • Opponents believe that there are other alternative sources of renewable energy like wind power and solar energy which are developing fast;
    • Nuclear power poses many threats to people and the environment including health risks and environmental damage from uranium mining and processing and transport; and
    • There also exists the unsolved problem of radioactive nuclear waste