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Subash Vaid asked: What could be the impact of President Morsi’s removal on India's relations with Egypt?

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  • Gulshan Dietl replies: India and Egypt have shared common visions of Afro-Asian Solidarity and Non-Aligned Movement, apart from mutually beneficial and warm bilateral relations for a long time. Last year, President Muhammad Morsi made a successful visit to India. He even expressed a wish that the India-Egypt ties should be promoted “till they reach the level of strategic partnership.” Morsi’s visit was a renewal of our long and close relationship with Egypt. The eventual overthrow of President Morsi is an internal Egyptian development, and it has been India’s consistent policy not to interfere in the domestic affairs of other states.

    The Indian Ministry of External Affairs did not take a stand on the violent upheaval that brought about the regime change in Egypt. It only urged “all political forces to abjure violence, exercise restraint, respect democratic principles and the rule of law and engage in a conciliatory dialogue to address the present situation”. In the circumstances, therefore, there should be no impact on our relations with Egypt.