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Mayank asked: What is the geo-strategic significance of Central Asian region for India?

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  • Meena Singh Roy replies: The geo-strategic significance of the Central Asian region for India needs to be viewed in the following context:

    Strategic location of the region - Countries of this region share borders with China, Afghanistan, Russia and Iran. Tajikistan is located in proximity to the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. This region is seen as a Eurasian bridge, connecting countries of Asia to Europe.

    New regional security dynamics - Developments which are still unfolding in and around Central Asia, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the proposed withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan by 2014 and its regional implications; and the increasing problem of drug trafficking in the region. All these developments have direct security implications for India.

    India’s growing energy demands and its energy security policy.

    India’s new Connect Central Asia policy and its effort to enhance economic cooperation with all the Central Asian republics.