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Rituraj asked: How can an Airman gainfully utilise his experience and contribute towards enhancing the working conditions and battle effectiveness of the IAF?

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  • Kishore Kumar Khera replies: The combat capability of a nation is sum total of capabilities of various contributing elements. The Indian Air Force (IAF) forms a crucial subset of the national combat capability. The equipment, human resources and infrastructure define the combat capability of the IAF. Each air warrior irrespective of gender, rank, branch, trade, experience or appointment is a part of this capability. Every individual can contribute by undertaking the defined role in an efficient and effective manner. However, by going beyond the routine and pre-defined task, one can enhance his/her contribution in the overall combat capability. The experience gained by an air warrior can be effectively utilised in six classic ways:

    1. To streamline various procedures and processes to enhance the output.
    2. To undertake the defined task utilising lesser resources in terms of time or consumables.
    3. To innovate so that there is an overall reduction in manhours for the assigned tasks.
    4. To educate others operating in the same field about the lessons learnt so that the same mistakes are not repeated.
    5. To conserve resources during peacetime so that they can be effectively utilised when warranted.
    6. Train and train more to ensure that there are no failures when the nation calls the Indian Air Force for any mission.

    By following these simple steps, an experienced air warrior can enhance the working conditions and battle effectiveness of the IAF.

    Posted on December 20, 2018